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Infrastructure projects

Continued investment in Queensland Health services across the state has helped keep the Metro North region safe from COVID-19.

It’s important that our growing and aging population continues to have access to quality health care services and facilities. We’re committed to ensuring more Queenslanders can access quality care closer to home which is why we’re planning for the future.

Below are just a few of the projects that are completed or underway in our region to deliver better healthcare for you.

Project NameCapital FundingPractical Completion DateStatusDefault sort order
Caboolture Demountable$4,731,7944/07/2016Completed1
Caboolture Additional 32 bed ward, stage 2, ward fit-out$8,560,62010/04/2017Completed2
Refurbish Ashworth House for Interim care$2,084,81414/09/2017Completed3
Mental Health Nundah New Step Up/Step Down Facility$4,820,2676/02/2018Completed4
RBWH – Gastroenterology Procedure Room Refurbishment$4,026,35516/02/2018Completed5
Caboolture Hospital land purchase and new car-parking$3,000,00019/03/2018Completed6
Caboolture Hospital Upgrade of Passenger Lifts$1,253,17411/05/2018Completed7
Acute Bed Capacity at Redcliffe Hospital$8,435,50020/07/2018Completed8
Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility Car Park - The Prince Charles Hospital Campus$3,994,23812/10/2018Completed9
Caboolture Hospital Central Sterilising Services Department Upgrade$3,000,56515/11/2018Completed10
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital University of Queensland Oral Health Centre Herston$4,699,00028/02/2019Completed11
Redcliffe Hospital Day Procedure Unit$7,439,96131/05/2019Completed12
The Prince Charles Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit Upgrade$2,925,0003/06/2019Completed13
Nuclear Medicine Hot-Laboratory Expansions$5,796,21328/06/2019Completed14
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Queensland Sony You Can Centre$2,530,4723/07/2019Completed15
Brighton Health Campus High Voltage and Air Conditioning Replacement$1,775,57123/08/2019Completed16
Redcliffe Hospital Electrical Reticulation Renewal program$6,768,1198/12/2019Completed17
Redcliffe Hospital Special Care Nursery, Birth Suite, Paediatric project$3,974,17818/12/2019Completed18
Caboolture Hospital Emergency Department Expansion$19,600,00019/12/2019Completed19
Caboolture Hospital Mental Health Short Stay Unit$5,400,00024/03/2020Completed20
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Health Support Queensland Relocations$4,336,76120/04/2020Completed21
Redcliffe Hospital Chilled Water$8,685,58023/04/2020Completed22
Herston Bio-Fabrication Institute$9,197,18917/06/2020Completed23
Redcliffe Operating Theatre Level 2$5,079,67324/08/2020Ongoing24
The Prince Charles Hospital Lift Modernisation and Replacement$2,511,41131/08/2020Ongoing25
Redcliffe Hospital Carpark$36,780,0004/09/2020Ongoing26
RBWH Building 21 (Mental Health) Rectification of Lift Issues$1,013,30129/09/2020Ongoing27
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services (STARS)$21,444,9527/10/2020Ongoing28
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital mitigation and remediation works$4,737,46220/10/2020Ongoing29
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Ziton Fire Indicator Panels Replacement$7,742,60030/10/2020Ongoing30
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Central Energy Plant High Voltage Replacement$1,482,00030/10/2020Ongoing31
Redcliffe Hospital Lift Replacement$2,673,00017/12/2020Ongoing32
Brighton Health Campus Dolphin House External Façade - Replace Waterproof Membrane$2,079,23731/12/2020Ongoing33
Redcliffe Hospital and Moreton Bay Integrated Care Centre mitigation and remediation works$3,609,8709/02/2021Ongoing34
Redcliffe Hospital Fire Hydrant System$3,640,00010/02/2021Ongoing35
RBWH Block 6 Roof Replacement$1,793,38328/02/2021Ongoing36
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Building 34 Transformer Replacement$2,952,75831/03/2021Ongoing37
Redcliffe Hospital Magnetic Imaging (MRI) Machine$16,000,00031/03/2021Ongoing38
RBWH Water Main Repair$992,72731/05/2021Ongoing39
Caboolture Pine Rivers Community Health Centre and Jacana Acquired Brain Injury Centre High Voltage and Air Conditioning Replacement$3,525,11016/07/2021Ongoing40
Redcliffe Hospital Strategic Ventilation$9,090,90929/10/2021Ongoing41
Redcliffe Hospital Main Sewerage Stack$1,490,0003/11/2021Ongoing42
The Prince Charles Hospital Sterile Stores High Voltage and Air Conditioning Replacement$3,945,06328/02/2022Ongoing43
Caboolture Hospital Multi-Storey Car Park$46,610,000late 2022Ongoing44
Caboolture Hospital Redevelopment Stage 1$352,900,000late 2022Ongoing45

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