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Strategic Developments

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    About us

    Metro North Health enables people to deliver excellent patient-centred care and high quality health services.

    We are the largest public healthcare provider in Australia with the brightest minds in clinical practice and research.

    Driven by our vision and purpose, Metro North Health is motivated and ideally positioned to contribute to productive collaborations with industry.

    Our vision: excellent healthcare, working together, strong and healthy communities

    Our Purpose: together with our community and partners, deliver services informed by research and innovation to improve the health outcomes of our community

    Our health and knowledge precincts are globally connected and bring together scientific and clinical expertise, education, training, research and health innovation. 

    Metro North Health is committed to working with our partners to better connect care and improve health outcomes for our patients and the broader Queensland community.  

    Partnerships between healthcare providers, industry and academia play a vital role in the development of new drugs, treatments, devices and diagnostics for patients.  

    We believe that collaborating with industry will accelerate the process of discovery.  

    Industry partnerships

    Partnering with Metro North Health provides an exciting opportunity to invest in the next generation of healthcare advances in the prevention, detection and treatment of some of our most challenging health issues.

    In line with the Advance Queensland agenda, we are growing Queensland’s innovation economy by attracting industry engagement and translating research into clinical practice.

    Our investigators are developing new and innovative ways to improve the delivery of care, reduce inequalities and lower the cost of care.

    Our current partners include first choice universities and national leaders in health and medical research.

    Partnering with us means you will work alongside with some of the brightest minds in healthcare and have access to knowledge precincts such as Herston Health Precinct and The Prince Charles Hospital.

    Some of our partners

    Our Herston Health Precinct is a prime example of a cluster of collocated industry and research institutes, including universities and state-of the-art hospitals such as RBWH and STARS.

    The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) campus is anchored by one of Australia’s premier heart and lung hospitals that is renowned for their innovation in the treatment of cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases. The Critical Care Research Group is also based at TPCH and is a team of scientists, engineers and medical professionals who are working together to improve outcomes for the critically ill.

    Our partners include first choice universities and national leaders in health and medical research.


    Our Current institutes include Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI), Genomics Institute, Herston Biofabrication Institute (HBI), Herston Infectious Diseases Institute (HeIDI) and the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Institute, with more being planned.

    Our institutes are transforming personalised healthcare and accelerating the translation of research into clinical practice.

    Opportunities exist to partner with our institutes as they advance knowledge and technology to transform personalised healthcare and accelerate the translation of research into clinical practice.


    Herston Biofabrication Institute
    The Genomic Institute

    Invitation to industry

    Our Strategic Developments team are the front door in attracting industry engagement and establishing partnerships with the private sector.

    We shape, support and engage on projects that realise our vision of excellent healthcare, working together for strong and healthy communities.

    In short, we smooth the transition of ideas into action by enabling the delivery of key projects on behalf of Metro North.

    If you are interested in working together on projects that will truly make a difference to the future of healthcare, please contact the team at

    Contact us

    Strategic Developments
    Level 13, Block 7
    Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
    HERSTON QLD 4029 
    Email: mnhstrategicdevelopments

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