Bruce Sullivan – Intentional Wellbeing

Video transcript

Hi, my name’s Bruce Sullivan and I’m the Chief Wellbeing Officer here at Metro North Hospital and Health Service. We have 21,000 staff and we are talking about wellbeing. As an organisation we are considering four different ways to be able to approach wellbeing.

As an organisation what we do with structure, systems and resources. With leaders, how we ask people to lead in a way that supports wellbeing. How do we ask teams to support each other in terms of wellbeing and most importantly the last one, the fourth one, is we’re asking individuals to set their own intention for wellbeing.

No one else can force you to go to a website, to go and seek information and access resources in terms of wellbeing. So, if you’ve set your own intention for wellbeing then you will take some energy or take some time to go and investigate what you can do to be more financially well, socially well, emotionally well and even physically well.

So, once you set the intention you increase the risk that you might actually go and do something, sort of like the New Year’s resolution. So once people set that intention for wellbeing it’s our job to support that through the structure, through the orgnisation, through good leadership, through good teaming. So, I wonder what your intention is for your own wellbeing? Have you ever set an intention? Have you ever decided you know what I want to be better in some of those areas, physically, emotionally, financially or even socially because once you’ve done that you’ve increased the risk that you will actually follow through?

For example, you right a shopping list to go to Woolworths, supermarket, Coles, wherever you like to shop. You wrote the list you took a few minutes to think about what your intentions are when you get to the supermarket. When you’re at the supermarket, it would kind of be weird if you didn’t get what was on your list! It would be kind of weird if you set an intention to get milk and then you got to the milk section and then you went ‘well we won’t be doing that!’. It’s kind of crazy. So, I’m encouraging you to set your own intention for wellbeing, your own intention for your own wellness and then to consider what you might do to actually be congruent with that intention.

You’re welcome to come and join this conversation. We’d love to hear your comments, we’d love to hear your opinions on the wellbeing which is this broad subject which means so many different things to so many different people. What are you doing in your organisation in terms of wellbeing and what’s working and not working? We’d love to start a chat. Cheers.’