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RBWH Patient Transport Request form

Queensland Health Authorised transport (QHAT)

Queensland Health Authorised Transports (QHAT) refers to transport requested and authorised by a Queensland Health (QH) medical officer for urgent and non-urgent Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) road transports, and operates on a “user pay basis” (requesting facility).

Urgent time/critical /emergency transport should be directed to QAS by calling 000.

Patient’s requiring non-urgent transport for discharge, inter hospital transfer and outpatient/procedural appointments are required to meet the eligibility criteria for QAS transport.

Non-Urgent QAS eligibility criteria:

  • the patient requires active management or monitoring during transport
  • the patient requires a stretcher to facilitate and complete the transport
  • the patient’s condition may cause them to be gravely embarrassed or may be unacceptable to other people in public transport conditions
  • the patient has intellectual disabilities that may cause socially unacceptable behaviours and/or requiring constant assistance of other persons in public transport conditions
  • the patient has any temporary disability consistent with one of the categories above for the period of the disability

(Refer https://www.ambulance.qld.gov.au/transport_eligibility.html)

Patients who are not eligible for QHAT are expected and encouraged to organise and manage their own transport where possible. This can include the use of public transport or private vehicle (own/family/friend/carer), community/church transport or Private Health Services.

RBWH will consider non-urgent/non QAS transport for non-eligible QHAT patients where it is an organisational requirement for maintenance of patient flow, where all alternate transport options have been explored and exhausted resulting in

  • a patient’s discharge being compromised or delayed
  • or a patient potentially not being able to access outpatient services for ongoing care.

Provision of this transport is subject to transport availability/ funding (central / ward) and requires approval of the appropriate transport/ service line financial delegate.

(Contact the Transit Care Centre for further information.)