New gastroenterology rooms get the blue treatment

World leading technology and a hip new colour scheme has paved the way for Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Gastroenterology Department to save more Queensland lives, faster.

The new rooms—affectionately dubbed the ‘blue rooms’ because of the unique blue design—are open and functioning after 10 months of construction.

After the first went live in July, the completion of the second room was in late September. Now, RBWH is able to perform an additional 2,500 endoscopy procedures per year, greatly improving endoscopy patient services.

The rooms also come with more than a little touch of tech. They boast the latest endoscopy medical equipment and operating room integration technologies, with video streaming and external broadcasting capabilities.

RBWH Director of Gastroenterology Dr Mark Appleyard said the rooms would allow clinicians to beam endoscopy and surgical images around the state, country, and even internationally.

“We now have the opportunity to expand our teaching capabilities, and get more clinicians on board with the newest and best technology to save as many Queensland lives as possible,” Dr Appleyard said.

“The room’s distinct blue colour is the result of blue lighting and glass wall panels, which improve the contrast of the video monitors, and means the tissues that we’re looking at become more crisp and easier to see.”

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