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Are you visiting from overseas?

If you do not hold a current Medicare Card, or do not qualify under the terms of a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement, you may be Medicare ineligible and will be billed for the cost of treatment.

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    Medicare ineligible (costs not covered)

    Medicare ineligible patients are required to pay all fees associated with treatment at the time of presentation, or upon discharge if admitted to the hospital.

    Staff will supply you with a list of applicable fees and charges at presentation at all hospital entry points. Read the medical ineligible form for more information about healthcare costs and your responsibilities:

    Ineligible acceptance criteria

    Medicare ineligible patients who do not meet one of the patient type categories below shall only be accepted for care at MNHHS when the following five criteria are met:

    • there is no option to refer the patient’s care to an alternate provider (i.e. private sector), and
    • the patient’s ill health, injury or condition requires treatment before they return home, and
    • the patient is provided with a financial estimate and pays all estimated costs prior to treatment, and · activity allows for treatment without jeopardising access to Medicare eligible patients, and
    • approval is granted by the facility’s Director or Executive Director Medical Services (EDMS), or the Medical Superintendent on call.

    Medicare eligible

    Citizens or permanent residents of a country with a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement with Australia may be eligible for subsidised treatment, visa exclusions apply. Staff will be able to assess your eligibility upon presentation of your passport, visa and travel details.

    You will need to provide copies of your passport identification page and valid Australian travel visa. This can be emailed to the RBWH email within 48 hours of presentation to avoid receiving an invoice.

    Private health, travel or other insurance

    If you have private health, (travel or other insurance) you may be able to claim back a percentage of the costs.  We would recommend you confirm this with your insurer.