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COVID advice and referrals to COVID Virtual Ward for Metro North based GPs

GPs can ask for advice or refer to the MNHHS COVID Virtual Ward by calling the MNHHS Virtual Emergency Department (ED). GPs can also directly refer their patients with COVID to the Virtual Ward.
GPs with Residential aged care facility patients can access support from Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service (RADAR).

These services are for patients who live in the Metro North HHS catchment. If your patient lives in Metro South HHS region, you should contact Metro South HHS.

For GPs with adult and paediatric COVID patients living in the Metro North HHS region

Metro North Virtual ED can support GPs with clinical advice or assist with referrals to manage COVID19 patients including:

  • keeping the patient at home and safely managed
  • helping with referral to MNHHS Virtual Ward
  • arranging for patient to attend physical ED in Metro North HHS
  • arranging direct admission to MNHHS hospitals
  • advice on oral therapeutics or referral for treatment (Remdesevir)

Metro North Virtual Ward can assist GPs with:

  • arranging treatment with Remdesevir (see below)
  • arranging pulse oximetry for eligible patients
  • telehealth for patient review

Patients >16 years are eligible for admission to Virtual Ward.

Please note: Virtual ED and Virtual Ward are available for many presentations, not only patients with COVID.

Metro North Virtual ED

7 days a week
Hours: Mon – Fri: 0800-2200, Weekends: 0800-1800
Phone: 1300 847 833

Metro North Virtual Ward

7 days a week
Hours: Mon – Sun 0700 – 1900
Phone: (07) 3074 2109 or via Clinical Advice Line on 1300 569 099 (Mon – Fri 0830 – 1600)

These numbers are not to be given to patients as Virtual Ward requires a referral from a GP.

For GPs with residential aged care facility patients in Metro North HHS region

Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service (RADAR) can support you to care for your patient.

7 days a week
Hours: 0800 -1600
Phone: 1300 072 327

These numbers are not to be given to patients as RADAR requires a referral from a GP.

Referrals for IV therapeutics

To request Remdesevir for your patient, please call the Virtual Ward on (07) 3074 2109 (Mon – Sun 0700 – 1900) to discuss the case.

You can access MNHHS Virtual ED and COVID Virtual Ward progress notes via the Health Provider Portal / The Viewer.

Open the Viewer, click on the “Event Summaries” tab, then click on the letter icon to view the COVID-19 progress note.

For Metro North HHS Virtual ED notes these can be found under the “Encounters” tab.

Please ensure you have your patient’s permission to access their medical record.

For Brisbane North GPs who don’t already have access to Health Provider Portal you can register here.

COVID-19 Clinical Care Health Pathways

Brisbane North PHN & Metro North HHS has supported the development of COVID-19 Health Pathways edited by a local GP editor with the support from across Queensland to support local GPs. They include a range of pathways including resources for Long COVID, Case management in primary care, RACF care & much more.

Local GPs can access the COVID-19 Clinical Care Health Pathways here

If GPs don’t already have Health Pathways access, please provide details of your name and practice details to to receive login details.

Contact us

For more information about the General Practice Liaison Program or to provide feedback, please email

Refer a patient

Access the referral guidelines to refer a patient.

Referral Enquiries

To speak with a staff member about progress of referrals, please call the GP Referral Enquiry Hotline on 1300 364 938

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