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Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Health Services Innovation)

The Graduate Certificate in Health Services Innovation is the first university qualification aimed at enabling senior clinicians and health service administrators to develop, assess and implement innovations within the healthcare setting.

Metro North Hospital and Health Services (MNHHS) in partnership with the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI) at QUT have developed a new major for the Graduate Certificate in Health Science. The aim of the Health Services Innovation major is to increase the capacity of staff to implement innovative change in health services.

The academic program has been designed to address a perceived skills shortage in health economics and policy analysis as well as in implementation science, an emerging field that examines how to best implement research findings into practice.

This four unit program is delivered part time, over 2 years at QUT Kelvin Grove.

Units (Subjects)

These will be taught through five 2-5 day block courses, with assessments between blocks.

  • Implementation Science – Theory and Application in Health: learn an evidence based approach for introducing improvements in healthcare so they become usual practice and are sustainable.
  • Health Care Delivery and Reform: explore systems of health care both in Australia and internationally and the factors that influence the design and functioning of those systems.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Healthcare: understand how to assess the combined value of clinical outcomes and economic costs. Become a better steward and increase healthcare value.
  • Independent Study: a workplace based project, supported by a clinical facilitator and AusHSI staff.

Additional and exclusive support provided for the MNHHS cohort

  • AusHSI will provide a dedicated team of health economists, statisticians and implementation scientists to support the application of students’ academic learning to the planning, implementation and evaluation of workplace-based projects.
  • MNHHS has created a new position dedicated to coordinating the workplace-based projects and identify additional support required from MNHHS to realize innovative change.

The Graduate Certificate (Health Services Innovation) is structured so that students can continue studies and obtain a Masters in Health Management at the completion of their Graduate Certificate, if they choose.

MNHHS has committed to funding the development of the Graduate Certificate and heavily subsidised fees for the 2018 and 2019 cohorts.

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Testimonials from our current students

For inspiration and to gain a greater understanding of how the course can impact your skills, knowledge and work practice, please visit

Results of the 2018 program

Thirty Metro North staff are learning the skills to translate research and knowledge into
clinical practice through a new tertiary qualification.

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Results of the 2019 program

Thirty-one staff from Metro North have been enrolled in the second cohort of the Graduate Certificate Program. They will continue the investment by MNHHS to build staff capacity and better translate research and knowledge into practice for improved health outcomes.

Applications for the 2020 Graduate Certificate program will open August 2019

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