Building digitally-integrated networked biobank infrastructure in Queensland: Opportunities and Challenges for translational research.
Biobanking is fundamental to research that aims to understand, prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Design and development of systems for a digitally-integrated networked biobank serves to enhance visibility and access by investigators to quality biospecimens linked to health data.
Presented by Professor Janet Davies BSc, PhD, GAICD, Assistant Director of Research, Metro North Hospital and Health Service.



Information challenges in aged care: Supporting data standardisation and exchange?
Challenges arise when addressing the functional and psychosocial needs in aged care and vulnerable populations. Within these populations what impact does data standardisation have? How can the interRAI assessment instruments be used to measure and improve quality of life? How can a valuation system be useful for members of vulnerable populations?
Presented by Professor Len Gray, Director of UQ Centre for Health Services Research

Digital Transformation – An Analysis of the Early Impacts of Health Information Systems
With more hospitals journeying towards digital transformation, are there lessons that can be learnt about the early impacts of health information systems? What are the foundations to successful digital transformation? How do hospitals and health services continue to undergo improvement?
Presented by Rebekah Eden – Lecturer of Enterprise Systems, School of Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology.

Genomics to transform kidney health: challenges, progress and opportunities
Can the application of genomics in healthcare help us to create new possibilities to understand disease and improve healthcare? For kidney disease, this reflects both new and old challenges framed within an opportunity to improve the lives of patients and families whilst empowering clinicians with new tools and skills.
Presented by A/Prof Andrew Mallett MBBS MMed PhD CF AFRACMA FASN FRACP

Why can’t we use Google Translate in health?
In a busy world, how can clinicians create innovative digital solutions? How do we allow for technology innovation in contemporary healthcare? Would Google Translate provide an opportunity to augment existing services and technologies to improve patient care?
Presented by Travis Pearson – Director Nuclear Medicine Technology Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Kristen Hopkins – Patient Services Team, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Do we really need that mandatory data field?
As we move towards real time reporting how do we ensure our busy clinicians are documenting the right information at the right time and in the right place? Are mandatory data fields the key?
Presented by Dr Marianne Kirrane, Staff Specialist in Intensive Care and Medical Lead, Digital Metro North, MNHHS.
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