Brain Trauma Research Collaboration Workshop

4 September 2018

More than 80 people attended the Jamieson Trauma Institute’s (JTI) Brain Trauma Research Collaboration Workshop today, to delve deeper into one of the major causes of lifelong disability and death worldwide.

JTI, with support from the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), Queensland Brain Institute, Herston Imaging Research Facility, researchers in the Brain and Mental Health group for Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners, created the event to bring together researchers, clinicians and working groups in the brain trauma space to encourage collaboration and creation.

RBWH Executive Director Research Dr Merrilyn Banks said the event was full of incredible researchers, sharing their united interest in traumatic brain injury.

“We know that severe brain trauma is most commonly the result of motor vehicle crashes, followed closely by falls, assaults and—very topically—sports injuries,” Dr Banks said.

“This forum was a great success on all fronts and I have been very impressed with the amount of collaboration and participation we have seen today.

“Traumatic brain injury impacts the patient, but also friends, family and the community around them. There is a real need for options to improve the lives of those with TBI, and events like these where we host the best and brightest gives hope to further discoveries and research for the future.”

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