The Clinical Guidelines for Mass Casualty Incidents

The Clinical Guidelines for Mass Casualty Incidents

In a collaborative effort to bolster disaster preparedness and response, Queensland Health, in association with the Jamieson Trauma Institute, has developed new Clinical Guidelines for Mass Casualty Incidents.

The latest guidelines can be accessed by clinicians across Queensland Health on QHEPS. (For staff only -this document is available on a QH computer only) 

Andrew Bryett, Acting Executive Director of the Disaster Management Branch, emphasised the importance of this initiative.

“These guidelines are an invaluable tool for our frontline healthcare workers, equipping them to better manage mass casualty incidents. They provide a clear pathway to immediate and effective response,” Mr Bryett said.

“They are especially beneficial to clinicians who don’t routinely deal with trauma, offering support for interim trauma response before hospital transfers.”

Mr Bryett encouraged all clinicians to review the guidelines and share this valuable resource with their colleagues.

“Education and collaboration are key to effective disaster management. We hope these guidelines not only enhance our clinical response but also foster a shared understanding and preparedness amongst all our healthcare professionals,” he said.

“Initiatives such as these are a reminder of Queensland Health’s dedication to constantly improving and maintaining the highest standards of patient care.”

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