Jamieson Trauma Institute’s annual showcase event

Presentation of inaugural Cliff Pollard award. Pictured left to right: Prof Michael Schuetz, Dr David Burgess and Dr Silvia Manzanero

Jamieson Trauma Institute’s annual showcase 2022

The Jamieson Trauma Institute’s annual showcase event took place on the 24th March 2022. The 2022 event was a huge success with over 70 attendees online and approximately 100 in person, including Acting Deputy Director-General Shelley Nowlan, and Board Chair Jim McGowan.

The event covered topics including the Institute’s current bodies of work in eScooters, the mDRIFT program, the Clinical Guideline for Major Incidents and Mass Casualty Events, and pipeline activities such as Intelligent Connected Medical Devices. The order of events also highlighted developing partnerships with the other Metro North Institutes.

We also saw the launch of the Future of Trauma Data video in another collaboration between JTI and QUT’s Creative Industries. This video predicts the future expectation of data’s contribution to improving trauma care.  

Another fantastic inclusion to our program was the presentation of our inaugural Cliff Pollard award winner. This award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to the improvement of Trauma Care in Queensland.

Dr David Burgess is the first recipient of this award for his work on Regional Anaesthesia For Thoracic Trauma (RAFTT). 

We look forward to you joining us for next year’s showcase event.

2022 Showcase Event


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