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Project Description

Mr Brett Droder

Brett Droder is a Health Information Manager with the Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI). Brett’s role is to provide advice on health information management to meet JTIs broader quality improvement and research agenda. This includes activities such as scoping the feasibility of clinical registries in specific areas of interest, and reporting, surveillance, and analysis of personal mobility devices injuries in Queensland hospital emergency departments. 

Brett has a Bachelor of Health Information Management (HIM) from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He has several years’ experience working in Queensland Health with electronic medical records, database management, HIM projects and abroad in Germany where he undertook an international internship exploring digital workflow technology in hospitals.

In his time at JTI, Brett has assessed the feasibility of several clinical registries and successfully obtained grant funding to establish a pilot registry. He has also contributed to personal mobility device studies by analysing and presenting data to various groups of which has been quoted numerous times in media reports. Brett has skills and experience utilising REDCap for data collection, increasing JTI’s capacity to manage research data. 

Brett has an interest in eHealth and utilising data & new technologies to improve the effectiveness and quality of health services.


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