Join us in a virtual celebration to celebrate National NAIDOC Week 2022 (3–10 July 2022) across Metro North Health.

Connect with Elders and community through these diverse and exciting films as we celebrate National NAIDOC Week 2022 and the theme Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

This year we have a vast line-up of respected Elders and community leaders yarning about their personal stories, sharing culture and reflecting on historic events that drove and led change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Sunday 3 July 2022

Welcome to NAIDOC 2022

Sherry Holzapfel / Executive Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Metro North Health

Watch on as Sherry Holzapfel welcomes everyone to our virtual NAIDOC 2022 celebration and this year’s NAIDOC theme – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

Sherry is a proud Yidinji and Butchulla woman and the Executive Director of Metro North Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. Sherry’s background is a registered nurse/midwife and she has experience in healthcare leadership, having worked for several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services from Far North Queensland to Toowoomba and Brisbane regions. Her passion is working to ensure health equality is achievable by ensuring access is culturally appropriate and health care pathways are seamless for better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

There is a season for everything, our time is here to have a voice, to be heard and be considered, so get up, stand up, and show up! Happy NAIDOC celebrations to all!!

Welcome to Country

Shannon Ruska, Tribal Experiences

Join local Traditional Owner and cultural delivery specialist Shannon Ruska and Tribal Experiences as they provide a Welcome to Country and the significance of this practice for Aboriginal people and their tribes.

Since he was 8 years old Shannon Ruska has been living the dream of bringing culture alive. His father and many Aboriginal Uncles and Aunties over the years have instilled his heritage into his heart and soul which he now uses to educate, share, entertain and pass on to future generations, the stories and culture of Aboriginal people, one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Watch as Tribal Experiences dance sharing the story about the Goanna and perform a smoking ceremony. Smoking ceremonies are done to cleanse the land, to make sure bad spirts are not brought into country and to also bring good relations as you travel in other tribes’ country.

NAIDOC 2022 Day 1
NAIDOC 2022 - Monday 4 July

Monday 4 July 2022

Let’s Talk with Uncle Les Collins

Uncle Les Collins

Uncle Les Collins was born and raised in the Cherbourg community. Listen as Uncle Les shares stories and history about early activism, and life in the 1970s when he arrived as a young trades apprentice in Brisbane.

Uncle Les reflects on how he was treated at the time, and what encouraged him join with other prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to speak out and make changes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Brisbane.

Damper cooking demonstration

Kim Minniecon and Sheringa Minniecon

Damper is a traditional food source that has been made by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Mother-daughter team Kim and Sheringa Minniecon have joined forces to bring audiences a demonstration and teach us how to cook coconut damper.

This is definitely one you can try at home with the family!

Kim and Sheringa are proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman with connections to Kabi Kabi and Goreng Goreng countries in the Gympie and Bundaberg regions and Torres Strait Islander heritage from the Mualgal and Erub people on the Western and Eastern Island groups. Sheringa also has connections to Wiradjuri Nation in New South Wales through her fathers’ family.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Yarning – My years of ‘Standing Up’

Uncle Les Malezer

Uncle Les Malezer, a Butchulla/Gubbi Gubbi man, has extensive experience in campaigning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights. He has represented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interests at a local, state, national and international level. Uncle Les is the Chairperson of the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA), and one of his many roles includes being delegate to United Nations forums on Indigenous issues. He was awarded the 2008 Human Rights Medal for his work in advancing the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people both nationally and internationally.

Listen as Uncle Les yarns about our early history of black activism for our people, how our people fought for equal rights and put the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people up front.

He is a great example of how Get Up! Stand Up! and Show Up! on a local community level has led to advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on an international stage with his work in the United Nations.

Cultural session with Torres Strait Islander Elder

Uncle Brian Whap

Enjoy listening to Mabuiag Island, Torres Strait Islander Elder and Cultural tutor from Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies Centre, Uncle Brian Whap as he demonstrates the importance coconut and banana leaves have in the Torres Strait Islands and the use of fruit and plants for cooking. Uncle Brian shares the use of coconut in cooking and how it is a treasured commodity in the Torres Strait.

Uncle Les Malezer and Uncle Brian Whap

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Mabuyag gospel song

Uncle Brian Whap and Aunty Mattie Bani

Go on a journey with Uncle Brian Whap and Auntie Mattie Bani as they sing a beautiful Mabuyag gospel song in their traditional Kala Lagaw Ya language. The song called ‘Dapar Buyaw Lag’ was composed by Uncle Brian almost 30 years ago and he is thrilled to share it with other families to enjoy.

Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up / Didgeridoo performance

Shannon Ruska and Tribal Experiences

In this video Yuggera, Turrbal, Nunukul, Gorenpul and Yugembir decendant Shannon Ruska talks about this year’s NAIDOC theme – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! and what it means to him and the importance of the theme to our mob.

We also share with you the beautiful sounds of the didgeridoo performed by Tribal Experience member and Aboriginal man Jonathon Barney. Be mesmerised as Jonathon tells a story through his didgeridoo.

Uncle Brian Whap and Auntie Matti Bani
Uncle Roger Knox

Thursday 7 July 2022

Torres Strait Yarning

Aunty Mattie Bani

Respected Mabuyag Island Elder, Auntie Mattie, chats about this year’s theme and how it can be used to share our culture, stories and inform the community on the value of culture and how vital it is in building relationships.

Learn about the history of the Torres Strait Islander flag and the decision of the Mabo case as Aunty Mattie shares the significance of both, and how they are a great example of Getting Up, Standing Up and Showing Up.

Singing with Uncle Roger Knox

Uncle Roger Knox

Uncle Roger Knox, a proud Kamilaroi/Gomeroi man, is a multi-award-winning, nationally, and internationally renowned country music singer who was recently inducted into the 2022 Galaxy of Stars at the Tamworth County Music Festival.

Enjoy the sounds of Uncle Roger’s gifted vocals as he sings us a couple of his original songs paying tribute to those who gave their voices to making positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Uncle Roger is a wonderful artist and ambassador, who has used his music and voice as part of his culture to bring people together.

Dion Tatow and Rochelle (Rocky) Byrne

Friday 8 July 2022

LGBTIQ+ Sistergirl and Brotherboy Rainbow Mob

Dion Tatow and Rochelle (Rocky) Byrne

Join us in a yarn with Dion and Rocky – two strong Aboriginal advocates and active members of the Brisbane LGBTQI+ Brotherboy and Sistergirl community.

Dion and Rocky continue to strive for better recognition of the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI+ community. They are both proud to be part of the First Nation’s Rainbow mob who Get Up, Stand Up and continue to Show Up for their community.

Dancing on Country

Tribal Experiences

Traditional Aboriginal dancing has been part of Aboriginal culture for thousands of years. Dancing is performed as part of sharing stories, ceremonial practices including weddings, funerals, initiations, men’s and women’s business, and plays an important role in the spirituality of tribes which each tribe having different customs.

Dancing tells stories of the land, animals, dreamtime and culture that are passed down through generations of Aboriginal families.

Connect with Aboriginal culture by watching traditional dancing performed by Tribal Experiences as they share two dances that tell the story of the creation of the Rainbow Serpent, and a blessing to mother earth (the land).

NAIDOC 2022 - Dancing on Country

Saturday 9 July 2022

Torres Strait Yarning Part 2

Uncle Brian Whap

Mabuyag Island Elder Uncle Brian Whap’s life growing up and living in the Torres Strait has taught him great responsibility of becoming a role model and carrying on the island culture for children and future generations.

Role models come in a variety of forms, those who speak up, and those who practice and teach with actions. Uncle Brian takes great pride in his work to be a teacher by sharing knowledge of Torres Strait Island culture and how changing times in an urban setting shouldn’t distract us on our responsibility. Get Up, Stand Up, and Show Up is the best way to encourage the younger generations.

In this video, Uncle Brian yarns about the NAIDOC 2022 theme and what it means to him. He also talks about continuity of culture and the importance of being a role model in our community.

Indigenous Insights – Childrens activity

Aunty Sharron Mirii Belll

Aunty Sharron Mirii Bell is a proud Wiradjuri and Gamilaraay woman and founder of Indigenous Insights. Indigenous Insights focuses on Early Childhood, Cultural Education and Wellbeing. Grab the whole family and enjoy this interactive video as Aunty Sharron performs a song and dance for our little jarjums and their families. Enjoy!

Sunday 10 July 2022

Yarning about Uluru Statement from the Heart

Allira Davis

Listen as Allira Davis yarns about exploring the invitation to the Australian people, The Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Allira is a Cobble Cobble, South Sea Island woman from the Barrungum and Birrigubba nations and Ambae and Tanna Islands, and the Lead and Co-convener of the Uluru Youth Dialogues, Organiser and Co-chair of the Uluru Youth Summit (2019).

Singing with Uncle Roger Knox / Photo montage – Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up

Local community and Metro North Health Staff / Song performance by Uncle Roger Knox

We invite you to join us and watch on as local community and Metro North Health Staff show their support to this year’s NAIDOC theme – Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up through this enticing photo montage accompanied by Uncle Roger Knox singing his original songs.