Dr Michael Wagels

HBI Director, Dr Michael Wagels, presents an array of 3D printed scaffolds to student for Science Week.

HBI Director inspires next generation

As a class of Clairvaux MacKillop students recently discovered, a career in medicine can look quite different these days.

While the traditional clinical roles still apply, scientists, engineers and researchers are taking the lead in newly defined roles within the industry.

“It’s important to profile and highlight this progress within the medical field,’ said Herston Biofabrication Institute (HBI) Director, Dr Michael Wagels.

“Thanks to the advancement of areas like 3D printing, medicine now relies on so many more professions than just doctors and nurses.”

Dr Wagels presented an array of 3D printed scaffolds to the students, showcasing the innovation and the potential in this space.

“The possibilities here are endless.

“We are having great success in this space with former patients, like Rueben who is regrowing his own leg bone, and Brodie who is thriving thanks to a scaffold in his skull.

“It’s exciting to share these stories and encourage these kids to get involved.”

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