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Project Description

Dr Deniz Erbulut

Deniz Erbulut

Senior Research Fellow, Orthopaedic Biofabrication

Deniz received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 2010. After faculty appointments in the USA and Turkey, he joined HBI as a senior research fellow in 2020. Deniz has about 10 years of research experience in biomechanics for understanding clinically relevant issues in medicine. Using a combination of experimental and computational tools, he performs research in in-vivo/in vitro joint mechanics, human motion, musculoskeletal modelling, computational biomechanics and spinal/orthopaedic implant development and testing.

Deniz holds three orthopaedic implant patents for the USA and most European countries. He has been a principal investigator for several projects, teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses in the biomedical and mechanical engineering departments at various universities, and supervised several master and PhD students as a principal advisor.

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