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Education and training

The Herston Infectious Diseases Institute (HeIDI) aims to support the development of an appropriately skilled clinical and laboratory workforce to meet the demands of current and emerging trends in infectious diseases through the provision of training and education. As a Metro North Institute, we are well positioned to integrate expertise across clinical, teaching, academia and research to lead the delivery of cohesive and immersive multidisciplinary education and training programs.

Fellows program

Our Fellows program aims to ensure all members of the multidisciplinary team have an opportunity to develop skills by participating in health services, clinical and laboratory translational research. The program provides dedicated research time for medical, nursing and allied health clinicians while they continue to practice in their chosen profession, developing clinician researchers and providing a pathway for all clinicians engaged in HeIDI to gain research qualifications. Through fortnightly Team Meetings, Fellows have access to experienced infectious disease researchers to discuss ideas, challenges and learning pathways, and to build new collaborations and mentoring networks.

Teaching initiatives

HeIDI is engaged in informing immersive teaching programs for the current clinical and research workforce as well as training the next generation of clinician researchers. Through collaboration with our partners, we are developing training resources where gaps are identified in current offerings. Currently, this work is focused around training for pathogen genomics, with an online education package being developed in partnership with the Genomic Institute and Pathology Queensland.

HeIDI Annual Forum

The HeIDI Annual Forum provides updates to clinicians, researchers and policy makers on current clinical practice, advancements in technology and the current state of the research landscape in infectious diseases. It is the showcase event for HeIDI.

The next HeIDI Annual Forum is scheduled for 22 November 2023.

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