HBI Advanced Biomedical Engineer, Dr David Forrestal exhibits 3D printed cardiac model

HBI engineer David has been putting his heart and soul into helping some Queensland Health colleagues create a to-scale 3D cardiac model to assist with an upcoming complex surgery. ❤️

As one of the few places in Australia who could create a model of this type based on the advanced software and 3D printing requirements, as well as the expertise required to get the model right, the HBI team were only too happy to assist.

“We now have a to-size replica of the patient’s heart, which we have been able to give to the medical team so they can plan the surgery,” David said.

“We have been able to provide a few surgical planning heart models for various patient cases and the feedback has been that these are so important, as cardiac surgery is complex and there are many valves and arteries to consider.

“This type of model can make a huge difference to the outcome, as it means the surgeons are well prepared, which can help reduce risks and operating time – so this means patients can confidently undergo surgery and start to feel better.” 😍

Man holding 3D printed heart
Dr David Forrestal’s profile
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