NHMRC success for UQ AIBN and Burns Surgery RBWH

Congratulations to UQ AIBN for NHMRC Ideas Grant 2022

CIA: Prof Alan Rowan (UQ AIBN); CIB: Dr Amanda Kijas (UQ AIBN); CIC: A/Prof Mark Fear (UWA);  CID: Dr Jason Brown (Burns Surgery RBWH).

Project: Unveiling the modulators of scarless wound healing

Description: Aberrant wound healing, scarring and fibrosis results in a tremendous burden on public health to treat or have them surgically removed. After injury a fibrin clot forms, this project aims to understand the properties of fibrin clots, that drive scarless, as observed in foetuses, or positive wound healing outcomes. Then engineer these key properties into smart fibrin biomaterials to improve the management of injuries to promote scarless wound healing to improve patient outcomes. (Grant awarded approx. $1 million).

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