Andrew’s new role at Caboolture hits all the right notes

Caboolture, Kilcoy, Woodford Clinical Directorate Research Development Unit new acting Research Coordinator Dr Andrew Hislop

For Dr Andrew Hislop, his new role as acting Research Coordinator in the CKW Research Development Unit (RDU) really hits all the right notes.

Dr Hislop has a strong clinical background in orthopaedic physiotherapy at The Prince Charles Hospital. He has a post-graduate clinical masters and works in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, leading multi-disciplinary alternative models of care teams across Metro North Health.

He’s recently completed a PhD in optimising exercise management for people with knee osteoarthritis.

“I wanted to keep learning and increase my skillsets,” Dr Hislop said.

“I see a lot of people referred to specialists for knee osteoarthritis. It was an opportunity to help these people live healthier lives. What I didn’t know was how much research would enhance my reflective clinical skills.

“My PhD found that people with knee osteoarthritis have smaller, fatty and weak hip muscles.

“These changes contribute to poor function, including balance and can be targeted with specific hip exercises.”

Dr Hislop is continuing to partner with consumers, as well as researchers from the University of Queensland (UQ) and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) to co-develop services, including those currently operating at CKW for people with knee osteoarthritis, to ensure that what’s being provided matches the needs of patients.

Another arrow in his quiver is becoming a Clinical Researcher and taking on the acting Research Coordinator role with CKW.

“As a research coordinator, I am mentoring clinical staff to develop independent research and service improvement skills,” Dr Hislop said.

“A clinician researcher combines clinical practice and research. It’s a choose your own adventure.

“In my early physiotherapy career roles, I could help one individual at a time with little impact on a community.

“Now, as a clinician researcher and research co-ordinator at CKW, I can have an impact on services, teams, individual CKW staff and consumer outcomes.”

Outside of work, Dr Hislop is a keen musician, playing cello in local adult string groups. He also enjoys piano and guitar, and recently got himself a new wind instrument, a Venova.

“My goal is to complete my Associate of Music, Australia (AMusA) qualification on piano in the next couple of years,” Dr Hislop said.

“I have three beautiful children, all of which I teach music, two I coach tennis and the third is outside my skillset, doing ballet.

“However, when the kids are off our hands, my wife and I plan on returning to competitive ballroom dancing.”

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