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Your stay

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    Kilcoy Hospital is committed to making sure each patient’s stay is as safe and comfortable as possible. If you have any concerns please talk to one of our staff. If your friends or family wish to enquire about your welfare they can phone the hospital on (07) 5422 4411.

    Virtual visits

    We understand these restrictions are hard, and we know visitors play an important role in a patient’s recovery, but these are exceptional times. Technology makes it easy to stay in touch remotely, and we really encourage you to stay connected through phone, text, email, social media or video-chat.

    If you’re new to video-chat, we have created some guides on how to best use your device to keep in touch. You can even use our free WiFi! Find out how to connect a patient to Wifi and download video call applications for free

    Enquiries about your health

    Family and friends can call the general hospital number on (07) 5422 4411 to contact their loved one.

    Your contact people

    During your admission we ask you to nominate a contact person and/or a next of kin who may play a key role in your care. With your permission we will talk about your progress and condition with the people you choose and not with anyone else.

    What to bring when staying overnight or longer

    • A dressing gown or cardigan, sleepwear or comfortable day clothes
    • Slippers and shoes (low heel, closed-in, non-slip, adjustable and firm fitting around the foot)
    • Your toiletries and personal items
    • Copy of Advanced Healthcare Directive or Enduring Power of Attorney if you have one
    • Something to read or do during your stay
    • Medical devices required for your care (e.g. CPAP machine)
    • Do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables such as jewellery, watches or other items of value to you


    Dentures, glasses and aids

    Your items can be easily misplaced in a busy environment. Please bring a container or bag to store your dentures, glasses, hearing or walking aids. Ask staff if you need a denture container.

    Electrical appliances

    You may bring small electrical appliances such as a shaver or hair dryer to hospital if you wish. However, it is necessary to have these items checked and tagged as electrically safe by a certified electrician prior to admission. Faulty equipment may interfere with the operation of vital medical equipment. The hospital does not accept responsibility for damage to, or personal injury from, electrical items you bring with you.

    Washing clothes

    An external laundry service is available to pick up and return clothes and delivery twice a week. Please ask our staff about timing and costs.

    Lost property

    If you lose some of your property or leave it behind when you leave hospital you can contact the hospital on (07) 5422 4411.


    Your healthcare team will work together to make sure you are taking the appropriate medication for your care. The medication you bring with you to hospital may not be the medication you should take after your hospital stay. Your care team will talk with you about this. Please ask the pharmacist or your care team if you have any questions or concerns.


    Patient’s meals are prepared on site in the hospital’s kitchen. There is a set menu and gluten-free options are available. Meal times are:

    • Breakfast 7.30am
    • Morning tea 10.00am
    • Lunch 12.00pm
    • Afternoon tea 2.30pm
    • Dinner 5.00pm

    Bringing food for patients

    We understand some patients prefer their own food. Please note we do not take responsibility for food that is brought in by visitors for patients. We advise visitors who wish to bring food for patients to choose low risk food and check with staff before giving it to their friend/relative. Due to their health condition, some patients may become very unwell if they eat the wrong food at the wrong time.


    Television and radio

    We have free television and radio services at each of our beds.

    Internet and Wi-Fi

    We do not have internet or Wi-Fi facilities. Patients and visitors are welcome to bring their own devices.


    Mail addressed to patients will be delivered to the bedside by the hospital’s administration staff.

    Send mail to patients here:
    Kilcoy Hospital
    12 Kropp Street

    Your treatment team

    During your hospital stay, you will be cared for by a team of health professionals which may include doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, social workers and support staff.


    Give us feedback on how we can improve the services we deliver to our patients. An information pack including feedback forms will be given to you on admission to hospital. Please let us know about the quality of your stay with us.

    Contact us

    Kilcoy Hospital
    12 Kropp Street
    KILCOY QLD 4515
    Phone: (07) 5422 4411

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