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For Clinicians

The Clinical Takeaway: Why Button Batteries are scary and sometimes deadly

A Healthed podcast in which Dr Ruth Barker, QISU Director and Emergency Department paediatrician discusses what to do and where to refer when a button battery ingestion is suspected.


Button Batteries; recognising occult ingestions

Dr Ruth Barker discusses severe injuries related to button battery ingestion.

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Landmines in the Loungeroom

Dr Ruth Barker discusses hazards associated with button batteries.

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The Hazards of Disc Batteries

Who and what do I X-Ray?
Poor outcomes are associated with unknown ingestions/ insertions and delays in diagnosis. Damage occurs in as little as one hour.
Therefore, X-rays looking for disc batteries need to be processed urgently.

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Sisters in Arms

There’s a hidden danger lurking in every home. Meet the two mothers who’ve achieved a world first to protect our children.

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Landmines in the lounge room

The mothers of these little girls want you to know about a deadly “killer” inside your home. One tiny battery was all it took to kill their daughters.

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The hidden dangers of button batteries

Another child has tragically died after swallowing a button battery and many others are injured each week – so why are they so accessible?

The devastating news broke this week of another death caused by button battery ingestion.

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Grieving Gold Coast couple’s warning to other parents about lethal button batteries after death of 3yo Brittney

A three-year-old girl with “a thousand sparkles in her eyes” has become the third child to die in Australia since 2013 after swallowing a button battery.

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Safety concerns over button batteries in wristbands handed out at AFL grand final

Wristbands containing button batteries handed out at the AFL grand final on Saturday night in Brisbane have raised serious concerns for child safety, Kidsafe Queensland says.
Jesani Catchpoole found the wristband device on her kitchen bench the next morning, after her husband brought it home from the game.

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Statewide Plan for Improving Quad Bike Safety in Queensland 2016 – 2019

Serious incidents resulting from the use of quad bikes for work and recreational activities is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for the Queensland community.

Over the past 15 years, 69 people have been killed in quad bike incidents in Queensland and many more injured. This is unacceptable and the emotional and financial costs to families and the community are immense.

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing incidents involving quad bikes and supports a coordinated whole-of-government approach to improving quad bike safety.

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