Accurate Indigenous Identification

Accurate Indigenous Identification: It’s your right to a healthier life

If you are visiting one of our hospitals or facilities, you will be asked the question – “Are you of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Origin?”.

There are still gaps in health status and life expectancy, to know if these gaps are closing and if we are providing services in the right way, we need to ask the question. We also need to know if you’re attending one of our hospitals or facilities in order to provide culturally appropriate health care.

By asking the question we can provide individual care through health service delivery, referrals and linkages to services designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. By identifying you will:

  • Be taken care of on your healthcare journey, from hospital to community
  • Have access to enhanced screening measures, additional immunisations and referral pathways within the community
  • Have access to cultural support from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
  • Keep healthy for your family and community
  • Help Close the Gap on health outcomes and improve health research, programs and intervention initiatives.

Listen to what our community members have to say on the importance of identifying as ‘Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin’.

Why is it important?

Watch why you should tick the box to say you’re of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

“Don’t be shame! Always identify when coming to the hospitals or community centres, It’s your right for a healthier life.”
Henry Nona, proud Torres Strait Islander man and Cultural Capability Officer

“There’s no shame in being proud of whom you are. Being Indigenous doesn’t make you any different to the person standing next to you. You will get the same medical support and health checks. My journey has been respectful and comfortable.”
Don Williams