Congratulations to Dr Danilo Carluccio, recipient of Jamieson Trauma Institute- Cliff Pollard 2023 award

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Dr Danilo Carluccio awarded Jamieson Trauma Institute- Cliff Pollard 2023 award.

Dr Carluccio awarded for his work in Implementation of Hybrid Analogue-Digital Prosthetic Workflow

This award supports health practitioners to continue the pioneering work of Associate Professor Pollard. Associate Professor Pollard’s vision included the establishment of Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI) to advance trauma research that directly improves patient care.

Dr Carluccio is a biomedical and materials engineer with the HBI CranioFacial program. His expertise are in medical devices, materials development, and additive manufacturing. The majority of his research has focused on additive manufacturing and bioresorbable metals. Danilo was awarded a PhD from UQ in 2020 for his development of an additively manufactured novel biodegradable metal scaffold for CMF applications.



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