Home support

In the early days following birth, we offer you, your baby and family ongoing care and education in the comfort of your home.

A midwife will call you within 1-3 days after being discharged from hospital to see how you and your baby are progressing.  Midwives offer free one-to-one care in your own home, providing education and help with feeding and parenting.

If you live within the Caboolture Hospital catchment area, you will be offered a home visit within 2-3 days after birth. If you do not live within the catchment area, you will be referred to another hospital or offered to be seen in the maternity ward.

We can help with:

  • routine postnatal checks for mother and baby
  • support and assistance with breastfeeding
  • baby care education – such as feeding management, settling techniques and safety issues
  • referrals to relevant community groups as needed.

Women are encouraged to take their baby to their GP for a check-up 5-7 days post-birth and again at 6 weeks.

Early feeding and support drop-in clinics

Early feeding and support drop-in clinics are offered free of charge. Child Health Nurses provide help, support and advice with:

  • infant feeding and sleep
  • breastfeeding support, assistance and helpful advice
  • referral to other support services for specific needs.

To find your nearest Child Health Community drop-in clinic or call 1300 366 039. For further support call 13 HEALTH (13 432 584)  or call the Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 686 268.

Contact us

Home Maternity Service
Phone: (07) 5433 8923
Open: 7 days

For further support call 13 HEALTH (13 432 584)

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