Your appointments

Your appointment schedule will vary depending on who is looking after you during your pregnancy. This is discussed in your first hospital appointment which is between 9-13 weeks.

Your first appointment

Once the hospital receives your pregnancy referral and you have registered your details online, you will be sent a letter with your first appointment date and information on the first trimester screening. This screening can be arranged for you by your GP.

Where to go

Your first appointment at hospital is at the Antenatal Clinic, located in Outpatient Services, Building 23, Caboolture Hospital. This is where most of your antenatal visits will be unless directed otherwise on your appointment letter.

What to expect

At your appointment you will be asked to complete some paperwork, check your weight and provide a urine sample. Your midwife will discuss your pregnancy, care options and give you a Pregnancy Health Record, which you will bring to all your appointments. At your appointment, your midwife may:

  • discuss your medical history
  • listen to your baby’s heart beat
  • take your blood pressure
  • discuss educational classes
  • develop a plan for your care
  • provide healthy eating advice
  • refer to further services.

This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your pregnancy and birth.

Follow-up appointments

Further appointments will be organised by your midwife according to the care options you chose. Your visits are a great way to learn about how your baby is growing and what is happening to your body. At your visits, you may have:

  • your blood pressure checked
  • your GP or midwife will palpate (feel) and measure your abdomen to see how much your baby has grown and listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • on some occasions check and record your weight, have blood taken for tests and your urine checked.

Pregnancy problems

The vast majority of women have normal, uncomplicated pregnancies and births. Unfortunately, women can experience some unexpected health issues during pregnancy.

Some of the major components of good antenatal care are identification and early intervention of medical problems, guidance with available treatments and access to supportive services.

Contact us

Antenatal Clinic
Location: Outpatient Services, Caboolture Hospital
Phone: (07) 5433 8474

Antenatal Clinics New Location

Caboolture Hospital Antenatal Clinics moved to a new building in early 2018.

Antenatal Clinics are now held in Outpatient Services, Building 23, Caboolture Hospital.

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