Choosing an option for maternity care

All options for maternity care are delivered by caring and dedicated health professionals in partnership with you and your support people. Your general practitioner (GP) or midwife will discuss these options at your first appointment. Choosing the best option for you will depend on your own personal preferences, and sometimes, your medical history.

Maternity care options

Caboolture Hospital offers a range of care options that vary to suit your individual needs.

You may choose to have your care with antenatal clinic midwives. If you experience complications during your pregnancy, you will see an obstetrician and midwives in the antenatal clinic.

Women who live in the Caboolture Hospital district are cared for by the same group of midwives throughout their pregnancy, labour, birth and at home. This gives opportunity for midwives and mother to get to know each other and develop a partnership.

Your appointments:  Appointments may be in the hospital, at home or in the community. You will be allocated a midwife who will be your primary carer and an obstetrician consultant who will oversee your care.  The midwife will consult the obstetrician as needed. Antenatal and breast feeding classes and social groups are offered for you to meet the team and other mothers.

Availability: There are limited spaces available. Please state your interest in this model when you’re registering online. Even if you have pregnancy complications, you may still be able to choose this care option.

You can have your antenatal care with an eligible private practice midwife (EPPM) (a midwife who is authorised to work at the hospital) in the community and give birth at Caboolture Hospital. You may receive rebates through Medicare or your private health insurance.

Your appointments: Your private midwife may offer your antenatal visits, routine blood tests and ultrasounds in the community and will recommend when to have appointment(s) at the hospital.

Labour: For labour and birth, you may be cared for by your EPPM in the hospital. Your midwife can provide care for you and your family in the community and visit you at home. The private midwife will work with the hospital staff and may advise if you need to involve the obstetric, medical, midwifery or allied health teams at the hospital.

Home visits: Your private midwife will provide ongoing care and home visits after your baby is born. Further information can be found at:

The Lotus Circle (TLC) group is run by a midwife and child health nurse for women under the age of 20 and their partners. These sessions are held at 19 Morayfield Road (Corner of Morayfield Road & Oaklands Drive), Caboolture South. Only run on a Monday. Antenatal and postnatal care is provided in a relaxed and open environment with antenatal visits offered at the centre. Following the birth of your baby, you and your baby are welcome to come along to discuss any issues and spend time with other young mums.

You are able to access Ngarrama North care option if you identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman or you are having a child with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.

A team of midwives and an advanced indigenous health worker will care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and after birth. They will provide all antenatal and postnatal care in either your home or at the Caboolture Hospital, Caboolture Satellite Hospital or Kallangur Satellite Hospital.

Midwifery led antenatal clinics are available for women living in the Kilcoy catchment area with antenatal visits offered at Kilcoy Hospital and birthing services provided at Caboolture Hospital.

Women who have existing medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disease or develop problems during their pregnancy are provided with a combination of visits from doctors and midwives at Caboolture Hospital.

Women with no obstetric complications are able to have most of their care with their local doctor or GP in the community. We recommend women visit the hospital at 12-13 weeks and at 20, 36 and 41 weeks. If complications develop during pregnancy your GP will refer you to the hospital Antenatal Clinic.


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Ngarrama Maternal Health
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