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Get involved

Caboolture Hospital is committed to improving the health of our community by caring together. We do this by partnering with past and current patients, their family or carers and community members to improve what we do and how we do it.

Caring Together Community Forums

Each year, Caboolture Hospital runs free community forums at the hospital on different health topics. If you would like to hear about future community forums, please email or call (07) 5433 8524.

Caring Together Consumer Network

If you have been a patient of Caboolture Hospital, or cared for someone who was, we would love to hear from you. By understanding your experience, we can improve what we do and plan better for the community’s future needs. The Caring Together Consumer Network is a formal group of current or former patients and carers who are interested in learning about and improving the health services provided at Caboolture Hospital. The group meets monthly and can be actively involved in steering committees, working groups and other activities around the hospital. Consumer representatives play an active role in improving health services by sharing ideas, talking about issues and helping to guide the hospital towards being more patient and family centred. Consumer representatives help us to:

  • design new areas of the hospital
  • improve how care is provided to patients and carers
  • educate our team members on how best to communicate with patients and carers
  • develop or review policies and procedures
  • find the best ways to get regular feedback from patients and carers.
Consumer Network Christmas Party 2016

Consumer Network Christmas Party 2016

Consumer Lynne doing pt surveys

Consumer Lynne doing patient surveys

Consumer training

Consumer representatives come from a range of backgrounds, and have very different experiences to share. Many members have never been involved in a group like this before, but everyone is given a lot of education and support. Where possible, consumer representatives get involved in areas that interest them. For example, a young mother may want to work with the maternity team. For information on how to join the Caring Together Consumer Network, call (07) 5433 8524 or email

How do I join?

Would you like information on the Caring Together Community Forums or Consumer Network?

Phone: (07) 5433 8671

Staff of Caboolture Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, elected officials (Local, State, Federal) and lobbyists are not eligible to join the Caring Together Consumer Network.  These groups can email Metro North Engagement for other options to engage with us.

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