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Virtual visits

We understand that visiting your loved ones is incredibly important for their health and wellbeing. 

During the current outbreak of COVID-19, your ability to visit family and friends in hospital has changed. You can find out more about visitor restrictions.

Virtual visits are a great way to stay connected to your loved ones and support them during their stay in our facilities. The information on this page will help you get set up to make virtual visits. 

Patients using their own device

Patients are encouraged to use applications they are familiar with on their own devices (mobile phones and tablets/ipads) for video calls.

We have developed information to help you connect with your loved ones on your device. There are different guides based on which application you would like to use and your device model.

Google Duo


It is strongly recommended personal devices are cleaned regularly and not shared with other patients.

Patients using Queensland Health (QH) devices

The availability of Queensland Health devices for virtual visiting is very limited. Microsoft Teams is the only application available on Queensland Health devices. These visits must be facilitated by a Queensland Health staff member. Patients are asked to speak to the healthcare team if a device is required. 

When using Queensland Health devices there is a risk that personal information can be retained on the device and accessed by other users. To minimise this risk ensure you log out of accounts fully on completion of your virtual visit. 

Please be advised these devices may be used for other purposes and as such, no incoming calls to these devices can be made. 

For your safety, all devices provided to patients will be contained in a protective cleanable case. These devices are cleaned before and after patient or patient environment contact using either detergent disinfectant wipes or 70% alcohol wipes. 

Privacy concerns

In order to protect your privacy and in consideration of others the use of personal headphones is encouraged. 

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