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Your appointment (outpatients)

At your outpatient appointment you will see a health professional about your condition without being admitted into hospital.

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    Requesting an appointment

    To get an outpatient appointment, your GP needs to send a referral to the hospital. The hospital will send you a letter either offering an appointment or advising that your name has been placed on a wait listYour letter will advise you on the clinic you are required to attend and how to prepare for your appointment. If your condition changes or you are concerned about your health before the date of your appointment, please contact your GP.

    During your appointment you will speak to a health professional either in person or via video conference (this is called Telehealth). Kilcoy Hospital offers some outreach services for oral health and antenatal care. 

    Ways you may be offered your appointment

    You will have been sent either a letter, SMS/text, or email (only for Virtual Care | Telehealth ) for your upcoming appointment.

    You may not be seen at the exact time you were booked.

    There are several ways you can see your doctor or health professional

    Face to Face

    You will need to attend a hospital or healthcare facility to be seen by your health professional.


    A health professional will call you on your phone, this may be your home phone or mobile. The call may occur anytime during the booked clinic session.

    Please choose a quiet and private space so you can answer and ask questions

    Virtual Care | Telehealth

    You will connect with your health professional on your computer (or your nominated device e.g. mobile phone or iPad) via videoconference for your Telehealth appointment. You can choose for the Telehealth appointment to take place at your home, with your GP, or at a Queensland Health facility.

    For further information is available on the Queensland Health Telehealth website.

    Please ask your health care professional about any future appointments you may require

    Your appointment

    When you arrive, register your attendance at the reception desk with your appointment letter.

    At your first appointment your health professional will discuss your concerns and a health care plan. You may require an examination or further tests. Your health professional will also advise if you require further appointments.

    What to bring

    Each time you visit us

    • Your Medicare card
    • Private health insurance card (if you have one)
    • Health Care Card and/or concession card (if you have one)
    • Current medications (prescription, over the counter and herbal medicine)
    • Relevant x-rays, scans or any other test results or reports
    • Glasses, hearing and mobility aids

    For an outpatient or clinic appointment

    • Your appointment letter
    • Any special items listed on your letter
    • WorkCover claim number (if relevant)
    • Snacks, a drink or money to buy refreshments
    • Something to read or do while you wait

    Outpatient clinics contact

    Please call the corresponding clinic number to:

    • confirm your have received your appointment request
    • change or cancel your appointment
    • update your contact details.

    Contact us

    Kilcoy Hospital
    Location: 12 Kropp Street
    KILCOY QLD 4515
    Phone: (07) 5422 4411

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