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Applying for a non-advertised nursing and midwifery position

Caboolture Hospital offers employment to registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses and assistants in nursing across a wide range of clinical areas and in a variety of roles.

What is a base grade position?

Base grade positions require only a base level of experience and qualification. Nursing and Midwifery Services categorises assistants in nursing, enrolled nurses, registered nurses and midwives as base grade positions.

What are the minimum requirements for a base grade nursing/midwifery position?

All applicants must be eligible to work in Australia. Some positions may require experience and/or additional post-graduate qualifications to meet eligibility criteria.

Assistant in Nursing

Completion of Certificate III in Aged Care or 1st year completion of Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery or Diploma of Nursing

Enrolled Nurse

Completion of Diploma in Nursing from a recognised TAFE and Unconditional registration (or eligibility for registration) with NMBA

Registered Nurse

Completion of Bachelor of Nursing (or equivalent for overseas trained nurses) and Unconditional registration (or eligibility for registration) with NMBA

Registered Midwife

Completion of Bachelor of Midwifery (or equivalent for overseas trained nurses) and Unconditional registration (or eligibility for registration) with NMBA

Requirements to practice

Registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to practise in Australia. Nurses and midwives seeking information in relation to a break in practice or international qualifications should contact NMBA directly for information related to registration.

Pre-employment requirements

  • Mandatory vaccinations
  • Criminal history check
  • Professional registration check

Find out more about pre-employment requirements.

What is a complete application?

Only complete applications will be considered for possible positions. Complete applications include all of the following:

  • Cover letter (detailing the type of position sought – full-time, part-time or casual, your area of interest and when you would be available to commence)
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Copy of NMBA/AHPRA registration or evidence that it has been submitted (Registered Nurses, Midwives and Enrolled Nurses only)
  • Evidence of completion of Certificate III in Aged Care or completion of the 1st year of study for current Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery or Diploma of Nursing and continuing enrolment (Assistants in Nursing only)
  • Proof of residency/work rights.

Up-to-date CV

Your CV should include the following:

  • Personal details – name, address, contact details (phone and email)
  • Education/qualifications (reverse chronological order – most recent information first)
  • All previous nursing/midwifery experience (reverse chronological order – most recent information first)
  • Other experience
  • 2 referees with role title and work contact details (personal phone numbers and emails will not be accepted)
  • 1 referee must be a current line manager if currently employed.

Please note, referees may be contacted prior to you attending an interview. If this is not appropriate, please specify this in your CV.

Proof of residency/work rights

Proof of residency depends on whether you are an Australian Citizen or in Australia on a visa.

Australian Citizens

You must provide a copy of a valid Australian passport or a copy of your Australian birth certificate or an Australian Citizenship Certificate.

Permanent residents and other visa holders

You must provide a copy of your valid passport and a copy of your valid visa. Visa holders will have their work rights checked prior to their application being considered. If you do not wish for this to occur, please indicate this when submitting the documentation. Visa holders are also required to complete a consent form for a Work Rights Check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This consent form will be forwarded to appropriate applicants by Nursing and Midwifery Recruitment on receipt of all other documentation. Applicants without valid work rights will not be considered for employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about applying for a job with the Caboolture Hospital nursing and midwifery team.

Caboolture Hospital is currently not considering applicants who do not have a valid visa to work in Australia. Potential applicants wishing to work in Australia should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for information on visa options.
Caboolture Hospital does not provide assistance with obtaining a visa permitting the applicant to work in Australia. All applicants must have a valid visa with permission to work before applying for a position.
For applicants within Australia, applications should be submitted no more than 6 weeks prior to date of availability. Applicants who are outside of Australia should apply no more than 3 months prior to availability date.
Once your application has been submitted and assessed as complete (Nursing and Midwifery Recruitment will contact you via email if additional information is required), your application will be reviewed for suitability in relation to potential positions. If suitable positions are available, your application will be forwarded to the relevant team for further review. If appropriate, you will be contacted by a member of the team to discuss the position/s available and to organise an interview. If you are deemed suitable for employment but are not offered a position, we will add your application to the Caboolture Hospital waiting list.
Applications which are deemed suitable for a position, but for which there are currently no positions, will be placed on the Caboolture Hospital waiting list for a period of 3 months. Your application may be considered for suitable positions that become available within the following 3 months.
If your application has been on the waiting list for a period of 3 months and you have not secured a position, you will need to reapply to Nursing and Midwifery Recruitment with a complete application.
No, positions are not guaranteed. Applicants can remain on the waiting list for a period of 3 months without having to reapply for a position. After this time, an updated complete application must be submitted.
Applications for advertised positions are coordinated by Metro North Recruitment. Applicants need to follow the instructions issued in the advertisement and any subsequent information received. Nursing and Midwifery Recruitment is unable to accept applications or assist in the application process.
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