The ICU team


The medical management of patients in our unit is led by our specialist intensive care consultants (intensivists) who are fellows of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society. They manage a team of senior and junior registrars who provide 24 hour care for our patients. The intensivists are also involved in the management of critical care resources and research activities.

The Intensive Care Medical Team supply emergency services and consultations to patients across the hospital and to other hospitals throughout the state and region.


The nursing team in ICU is responsible for the coordination of complex care and treatment provided to our patients. Nurses work in the multidisciplinary team to ensure the highest standards of specialist care and provide a continuous presence at the patient’s bedside.

Responsibilities include monitoring and managing life support systems, ventilation therapies, medication and treatment administrations and education and emotional support for patients and their families.

The Caboolture Hospital ICU is a Professorial Unit, providing educational support and programs to nurses from undergraduate students to senior postgraduate staff at advanced practice levels. The majority of our nursing staff have specialist post graduate qualifications in critical care nursing and a wealth of experience in caring for critically ill patients. Our clinicians are supported by a highly experienced team of nursing educators, researchers and managers who strive to deliver high quality care that is based on the most current evidence based practice available.

Social Workers

Provide practical advice and support for families.


Physiotherapists are an important part of the ICU multidisciplinary team. Patients who are admitted to ICU often have or are at higher risk of developing problems with their lungs and can quickly lose strength and function. The physiotherapy team in ICU provide exercises that aim to maintain lung function and maintain or restore mobility. Providing exercise early in a patient’s ICU admission can reduce the overall length of their hospital stay.

All patients in ICU are screened daily by a physiotherapist and the majority of patients will then have treatment plans implemented to address cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal and/or neurological conditions.

Examples of physiotherapy led treatments commonly used in ICU include:

  • breathing exercises that aim to prevent pneumonia or collapse of the lungs.
  • techniques that help people cough effectively and clear secretions.
  • simple exercises to maintain joint movement and muscle strength while in hospital.
  • mobilising patients out of bed and getting them walking as early as possible after surgery (often on day one).
  • standing very weak patients on a tilt table.


Review prescribed medications and provides medication advice to patients.

Speech Pathologists

Provide speech and language therapy services that aim to optimise a patient’s communication and swallowing abilities.

Occupational Therapists

Provide interventions and activities to achieve better functional outcomes for patients.


Review each patient’s nutritional requirements to provide optimal nutritional support.

Patient Support Officers

Staff who help with the movement of patients in bed, into chairs, to procedures, theatre or wards. They are also responsible for cleaning the unit.


Staff who are involved in technical work to keep equipment functioning and/or provide services to patients that help support overall care (e.g. perform EEGs, echocardiograms, ultrasounds and x-rays).


Our administration staff support the unit for 8 hours a day Monday to Friday to answer phones, manage patient charts and liaise with all members of the team. Most family members will have some contact with our receptionists either for assistance with completing forms or helping navigate around the hospital.

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