2021 Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Awards 2019

The Metro North Staff Excellence Awards recognise staff excellence and achievements. They celebrate staff who make a significant contribution and demonstrate a strong commitment to our values.

These awards recognise staff excellence and achievements either individually, in teams, or through partnerships across facilities, services and streams, or with community partners. They focus on rewarding and recognising colleagues or teams for their achievements and/ or demonstrating our values of respect, teamwork, compassion, integrity and high performance.

The categories for the 2021 Metro North Health Staff Excellence Awards are:

  1. People Focus: Putting people first through a commitment to excellence in service and focus on others.
  2. Innovation: Driving ideas into action through innovative approaches.
  3. Excellence in Performance: Supporting a culture of excellence and unleashing the potential of people and organisations to provide outstanding performance.
  4. Leadership: Empowering people through excellence in leadership, collaboration and team development.
  5. Values in Action: Leading by example and demonstrating our values to create a positive workplace culture that enables and supports people to lead and deliver excellent patient-centred care and high-quality services.
  6. Excellence in Integrated Care: Collaborating with healthcare partners to better connect care for our community.
  7. Excellence in Training and Education: Fostering a culture of excellence by prioritising the development of staff through innovative techniques.

Congratulations to all of our 2021 winners and highly commended recipients:

People Focus

Winner: Surgical Ambassadors: Our Heroes

The RBWH Surgical Ambassadors team are a team of non-traditional security staff managed under protective services, providing patient focused liaison. The Surgical Ambassadors focus on the proactive engagement of patients and visitors to improve the “customer experience” to prevent and/or reduce aggressive and disruptive behaviour by employing appropriate verbal intervention strategies through people focused, respectful, empathetic, and supportive interactions. The three ambassadors Immanuel Faalau Toafa, Evile Evile and Letusa Kaleti have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from patients and staff.

Highly Commended: Benjamin Dougherty, Metro North Mental Health

Values in Action

Winner: Patrick Bazeley, Clinical Skills Development Service

Patrick Bazeley is the Equipment and Facilities Co-ordinator for the RBWH Skills Development Centre and the inspiration behind the “Pat on the Back” award that recognises exceptional work in the Clinical Skills and Development team. Pat regularly receives positive feedback on his exceptional customer service and professionalism from Metro North staff including Executives, CSDS staff and clients, as well as over 600 state-wide clinical educators. Pat always troubleshoots with a smile and brings a can-do attitude to work every day.

Highly Commended: Aimee Brooks, Caboolture Hospital

Excellence in Training and Education

Winner: Development of decision aids to support mainstreaming of genomic testing in renal medicine

The Renal Genomics Team and the Clinical Skills Development Service collaborated to produce the Genetic Kidney Disease Decision Aid that was developed to support in nephrologists’ accessing the benefits of genomic testing. The decision aid provides guidance on selecting the correct panel for testing, ordering the correct panel, and interpreting the test results. Rather than relying solely on education, the decision aid makes genetic testing more accessible thereby improving outcomes for patients with genetic kidney disease.

Highly Commended: Metro North Certified Health Informatician Australasia Program

Excellence in Integrated Care

Winner: Melanie Carter, Metro North Medicine Stream

Melanie Carter is the Program Manager for the Metro North Medicine Stream where she works to improve the delivery of healthcare to Metro North patients. Melanie’s persistence, hard work and passion for delivering patient-centred care has to an outreach service that will result in sustainable skills uplift for outpatient, nursing, and medical registrar training opportunities throughout Wide Bay.

Highly Commended: Shaynee Stanyon, Metro North Mental Health


Winner: The Development of a 3D Interactive Animation to Improve the Teaching of Shoulder Dystocia Obstetric Emergency, CSDS

Team Shoulder Dystocia 3D Animation from the Clinical Skills Development Service have developed a 3D Interactive Animation to improve the teaching of Shoulder Dystocia Obstetric Emergency. The team took an interdisciplinary approach to produce this novel solution which has improved training in the manoeuvres of shoulder dystocia with teams including clinical midwives, digital, innovation and research teams.

Highly Commended: Accelerated Arthroplasty Program, STARS


Winner: Perioperative Services, STARS

The STARS perioperative leadership team demonstrated great leadership skills whilst navigating the challenges of opening a brand new and fully digital hospital. The team exhibits perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to patient-centred care throughout their work and in six months achieved their goal of delivering high quality care to thousands of surgical patients. The leadership team actively support each other through difficult challenges and are committed to making STARS a centre of excellence.

Highly Commended: Heart Failure Service, The Prince Charles Hospital

Excellence in Performance

Winner: Psychosocial Treatment Teams Model of Care, Metro North Mental Health

The Metro North Mental Health – Alcohol and Drug Service’s Psychosocial Treatment team developed a unique model of treatment. This model of care was developed to assist with the provision of high quality and evidence-based treatment, beyond traditional individual counselling to offer a range of alternative psychosocial treatments and therapies, with a focus on trauma informed care.

Highly Commended: Ila Stuer, STARS

Chief Executive’s Award

Winner: Aaron Suthers, Legal Services, Metro North Health

In what has been an incredibly busy period for legal services, Aaron has gone above and beyond for his team and those across Metro North more broadly. Aaron’s team value his collaborative approach to leadership, creating an environment where people can ask questions and their opinion is valued. He is celebrated for his commitment to acknowledging the wins of his team and ensuring their professional and personal development. Similarly, his commitment to his clients is unparalleled, encouraging a focus on achieving the best outcomes for his clients and meeting their deadlines.

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