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Tough Teeth Fluoride Varnish Program

The Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services’ Tough Teeth Program is a multi-strategy oral health promotion program aimed at improving the oral health of primary school children in Metro North.  The application of Fluoride directly to teeth in the form of fluoride varnish is an effective and proven form of prevention.

Our team of Dental Therapists, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Assistants visit participating schools every 6 months to provide care to local students.

All children whose parent/legal guardian consents for them to participate receive a dental screening (brief check-up), a fluoride varnish application and oral health education.  Oral health education lessons teach children the skills to look after their teeth by correctly brushing and flossing.  Our dental screening prioritises eligible children who might need further dental care and they are referred to one of the Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services clinics for free dental treatment.

If children are not eligible for public sector oral health care, parents/legal guardians are advised of any dental treatment needs and advised to seek care from a private dental practitioner of their choice.


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