Non-urgent planned care postponed 

Queensland is currently experiencing a COVID surge and our staff are prioritising the care of severely unwell patients. To do this, we have postponed some planned surgery and outpatient care.  

Patients affected by this decision will be contacted directly and we will reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. All planned care is being reviewed to ensure decisions are based on clinical need and those patients who require urgent care can be seen.  

We are currently caring for hundreds of people with COVID, both in our hospitals and in our virtual ward. Additionally, hundreds of staff are also unwell.  

Postponing non-urgent planned care allows us to still treat emergency patients in addition to the growing numbers of COVID patients.  

We ask that unless it is an emergency people with COVID symptoms do not present to the emergency department in the first instance to limit the risk of transmission. Please contact the Virtual ED where you will receive clinical advice and referral if needed.  

Metro North no longer operates COVID testing clinics. If you need a PCR test, there are a range of providers listed on the Queensland Government website.  

Non-urgent respiratory treatment is available through GP Respiratory Clinics.   

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