Amplitude of opportunities for Caboolture physiotherapist Kelly

physiotherapist Kelly

Physiotherapist Kelly happy to be gaining experience at Caboolture Hospital

Kelly counts herself lucky to be gaining a wealth of experience at Caboolture Hospital in the many physiotherapy avenues on offer, especially women’s health.  

After spending 8 months at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital as a graduate, Kelly was ready for a new challenge. 

“I am personally going through women’s health issues myself, so that makes me passionate about this area,” Kelly said. 

“So many women I know are going through issues after postpartum or in their life in general and they fob it off as normal.  

“I like bringing to their attention so they can take care of themselves and their bodies, I really like that aspect.”  

Initially, Kelly wasn’t aware of what a physiotherapist was, but after moving to Australia from Dubai where she was born and raised, Kelly started working out in a gym where she sustained a back injury that would land her in a musculoskeletal physiotherapists’ treatment room.  

When it came time to choose a career to pursue after receiving her OP, Kelly’s English teacher helped her put the pieces together to help make her decision.  

“I knew I wanted to work in health, I like people and being hands-on, so my teacher suggested that physiotherapy looks like a good option – so I chose it.”   

“I didn’t know there was such a thing as women’s health or hospital-based  physio, 

“I thought it was just musculoskeletal and sport but there are so many different avenues you can take such as neuro, cardio, women’s, paediatrics, NDIS, aged care – we make a difference everywhere.  

“I love being in a hospital setting, in an acute and fast-paced setting, and also love the outpatient focus as well. If you’re a generalist you can work anywhere.”  

Kelly has her heart set on staying at Caboolture so much that she has bought a house in the area and proclaims that the work environment here is second to none.  

“This team is the best team I have ever worked with in my whole life.”  

“The physios here are so supportive, patient-centred, and good communicators.”  


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