Acute Pain Management Service

The Acute Pain Management Service at Redcliffe Hospital is managed by a team of Anaesthetic doctors and clinical nurses. We provide pain management to post-operative and trauma patients and those experiencing acute onset of pain from a medical condition.

What is acute pain?

Acute pain is a term used to describe pain that usually has a short duration (generally less than 2 to 6 months). For example, pain following a surgical procedure or a painful medical condition. Acute pain usually improves while healing takes place or a medical condition improves. Effective treatment for acute pain is an essential element of quality patient care.

Our services

We provide thorough and safe pain management for our patients by:

  • inpatient pain and symptom assessment, management and advice
  • assessing, treating and managing pain
  • preventing and managing side effects and issues related to pain medication
  • monitoring patient outcomes
  • consulting and supporting nursing and medical staff
  • providing patient and family advice, education and support
  • working closely with your healthcare team to provide you the best individualised care.

Our approaches used to relieve and help you with pain include:

  • medical management including the use of pain relieving medications
  • procedural interventions if indicated including nerve blocks and epidurals.

How to access this service

This service accepts inpatient referrals only. You can only access this service when you are staying in hospital or if you have been referred by your Redcliffe Hospital treating doctor or anaesthetist.

Redcliffe Hospital does not have a chronic pain service. The Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and Nambour Hospital have a chronic pain service available to the community by referral from your GP.

Contact us

Phone: (07) 3883 7777

Need help outside hours?

For non-urgent medical issues call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or visit your GP.

In an emergency call 000.