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Maps and directions

ANZAC AVENUE >MAIN ENTRANCE< ANZAC AVE West BlockCoffeeshopNorth Block Outpatientand Paediatric ClinicsAntenatal Clinic Skills Centre Car Park North Block Car Park Rehabilitation Unit Sheehan StCar Park Chapel SHEEHAN STSYLVAN STRECREATION STClinical MeasurementsPalliativeCare Unit Education KitchenCentre Dental Clinic HospitalExecuitive ZoukiCafé ZENDen StaffCourtyard Pathology EmergencyDepartment Main Building OutpatientClinicsMBICC Patient Transit LoungeMain EntranceCoffeeShopEmergency Patient Set-DownP3SP P4 P5 Multi StoreyCar ParkP0 Restricted StaffCar Park Main PublicCar Park P1Main PublicCar ParkP1P6MBICC Car park P2SPMRI/CT Patient and Visitor ParkingPWD ParkingPaystation SP Staff Parking Supply EmergencyVehiclesOnly Learning Hub Healing Garden Medical Imaging Speech/Audiology Clinics Main Level 1 Allied Health Outpatient Clinics Main Level 1 Specialist Outpatient Clinics Main Level 1 Social Work Clinics Main Level 1 Pharmacy Clinics Main Level 1
LevelMain Building
1Main Entrance
1Emergency Department
1Information Desk
1Hospital Pharmacy
1Medical Imaging (MRI/CT)
1Specialist Outpatient Clinics
1Occupational Therapy
1Speech Therapy
1Pathology Laboratory
2Operating Theatres
2Day Procedure Unit
2Intensive Care Unit
3Paediatric Ward
3Maternity Ward
LevelMain Building
3Neonatal Unit
4Ward 4 East
4Dementia and Falls Unit (DAFU)
44 West Medical Assessment Unit (MAU)
5Ward 5 East
5Ward 5 West
6Ward 6 West
6Ward 6 East
LevelMoreton Bay Integrated Care Centre (MBICC)
1Kidney Health Services
3Outpatient Clinics
4Cancer Care Services