Care after birth

After birth, you will be given time to spend with your baby. For the first 2 hours it’s important that you have skin-to-skin contact, unless you or your baby needs medical attention. You may be transferred to the Maternity Ward on Level 3, or if you and your baby are well, you may ask for an early discharge.

Postnatal care

You and your family can prepare to take your baby home within 6-24 hours after a normal vaginal birth and within 72 hours after a caesarean birth. If you decide to stay, let the staff know when you would like to go home as many things have to be planned and organised before the morning of your discharge. 

In the postnatal maternity ward located on Level 3, you and your baby will have a bed for you to rest and recover. Each bed has a call bell if you need help, and adjustable lighting for night feeding.

Visiting hours

We encourage family and friends to visit our patients during their stay.  Visiting hours are flexible – please check with ward staff about patient rest times so your visit can be planned.

There may be times when visitors are asked to leave the ward so that treatment can be provided, and we appreciate everyone’s co-operation and understanding.

Children are most welcome to visit in the care of a responsible adult.

Tests and medicines for your newborn

After your baby is born, you will be asked to consent for your baby to have some vaccinations and screening tests. These include:

  • vitamin K
  • hepatitis B vaccination
  • healthy hearing test
  • neonatal screening blood test (heel prick).

Register baby’s birth

You will be given information on how to register your baby’s birth.


Contact us

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