Preparing for labour

It is a good idea to have a hospital bag packed from 36 weeks and go through your birth preferences with your birthing support person and midwife.

Birthing options

Birthing options helps your team of health professionals to understand and plan your individual care. It is also a great way for you and your partner to work through your ideas about labour, birth and pain relief options. Keeping an open mind and being flexible can also be helpful if you or your baby decide to change the plans.

What to bring

For mothers

  • pregnancy hand held record
  • loose comfortable clothing for labour (these may need to be discarded)
  • casual clothes for daywear
  • underwear, footwear, toiletries
  • 4 packets of maternity sanitary pads
  • breast pads.

For baby

  • nappies and baby wipes
  • baby bath solution (optional)
  • 2-3 sets of clothes for your baby to wear in hospital (if desired)
  • 1 set of clothes for baby to go home in.

Birth partners should also prepare a bag, please discuss suggested contents with the midwife.

Photos and video during labour

On the request of the labouring mother and with permission from staff, a support person may use photography within the Birthing Suite. Hospital staff are not to be photographed or filmed without their consent. Photography should not prevent staff attending to the mother or baby. Please ask your health professional during an antenatal visit if you wish to photograph or film during labour.

Support during labour

It can be helpful to have a partner, family or friend providing emotional and physical support during labour. The hospital allows 3 support people with you during labour and can help you by:

  • supporting your decisions, such as the pain relief methods that you choose
  • explaining to the doctor or midwife what you need – and the other way round – which can help you feel much more in control of the situation
  • cut the umbilical cord – talk to your midwife about this
  • supporting you if you choose to hire a doula – a person who is not a member of your maternity team but is experienced in supporting women and their partners during labour. Check with your GP or midwife about policies regarding support people.
  • supporting you with upright and active positions
  • assisting you with your breathing techniques
  • offering emotional support and provide positive encouragement.

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