More research at Redcliffe thanks to fellowship grants

Redcliffe dietitian Alyce Nissen

Alyce’s research fellowship grant was provided thanks to Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital and the Redcliffe Hospital Private Practice Trust Fund.

Redcliffe Hospital dietitian Alyce Nissen has over ten years’ experience working with surgical patients in her profession, and she knows better than most that the healthier a patient is before surgery, the easier and faster their recovery will be.

Earlier this year, Alyce was one of two clinicians at Redcliffe Hospital to be awarded a Redcliffe Hospital Research Fellowship Grant.

Alyce says her fellowship project is based on helping surgical patients to optimise their health before their surgery.

“We’re talking about managing known risk factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, anaemia, and patient nutrition. All of these factors can have an impact on the way patients recover after surgery,” Alyce said.

“Using a patient survey and a clinical assistant to screen for these modifiable risk factors, we aim to help our patients during their normal waiting period time for elective surgery.

“As part of that process, we hope to link patients in with community and hospital-based programs that are already up and running to support patients in making those changes.”

Redcliffe Hospital Director of Research Joel Dulhunty said the fellowship grants were aimed at building and supporting research capacity at Redcliffe Hospital.

“Alyce’s fellowship grant was one of two awarded in 2023, with both supported by the hospital’s philanthropic partnership with the RBWH Foundation, Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital and the Redcliffe Hospital Private Practice Trust Fund,” Dr Dulhunty said.

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