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Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all conditions for outpatient services and does not exclude consideration for referral unless specifically stipulated in the CPC exclusions section. Condition category legend: (AO) – Adults Only Conditions, (A/P-AFF) – Adult and Paediatric Conditions in AFFECTED Patients, (A/P-UN) – Adult and Paediatric Conditions in UNAFFECTED Patients, (PO) – Paediatric Only Conditions.

Emergency department referrals

  • No referrals to emergency relating to clinical genetics

GP Genetics Referral advice line

For advice regarding referrals and clinical questions regarding patients that may require referral to Genetic Health Queensland please phone (07) 36461686

Genetic Health Queensland Referral Form

Genetic Health Queensland (GHQ) is a statewide clinical genetics service. They have staff based in most major metropolitan centres across Queensland.

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  • Fax to: 1300 364 952 (Metro North Central Patient Intake Unit)

Out of scope services

Not all services are appropriate to be seen in the Queensland public health system. Exceptions can always be made where clinically indicated. It is proposed that the following are not routinely provided in a public genetic service.

The following are not routinely provided in a public Genetics service.

General Genetics

  • Individuals with a personal and/or family history of Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3 / hypermobility / joint laxity. Please review the information fact sheet regarding red flag signs in these patients which may trigger a referral to clinical genetics.
  • Individuals who have a population risk of lower than 1 in 50 of being a carrier for a rare autosomal recessive disorder, where their partner is a known carrier of a rare autosomal recessive disorder. Please see information fact sheet on the GHQ website on common autosomal recessive disorders.
  • Pregnant women with a high risk due to advanced maternal age or antenatal serum/nuchal screening investigations, who have not yet had a diagnostic test.
  • Couples who have had recurrent miscarriages where the cause is NOT due to a chromosomal anomaly.
  • Individuals who have had or are considering genetic testing of the MTHFR gene. For more information, please see the Centre for Genetics Education factsheet on MTHFR Gene Testing for Patients.
  • Individuals who have had or are considering ‘direct to consumer’ genetic testing.
  • Individuals who have had or are requesting genetic testing relating to paternity
  • Individuals who are not residents of Queensland.

Specialists list

Send referral

Hotline: 1300 364 938

Medical Objects ID: MQ40290004P
HealthLink EDI: qldmnhhs

Metro North Central Patient Intake
Aspley Community Centre
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