Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service (RADAR) Metro North

The local RADAR teams are available for consultation regarding your residents from residential aged care facilities (RACFs). We encourage RACF staff to contact their local RADAR teams seven days a week within hours. We are happy to receive a phone call and discuss individual residents working together with the resident, their family/carers, General Practitioners (GPs), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and community providers to ensure better health outcomes.

RADAR services include:

  • Specialist consultative service (medical, nursing and pharmacy) for RACF residents
  • Advice for management of residents in their RACF
  • Medication management – senior pharmacist review
  • Complex case management and support to RACFs to manage issues such as behaviours, and frequent emergency department (ED) presentations
  • COVID-19 Support for GPs caring for residents in RACFs

For all in hour enquires please contact your local RADAR teams.

RADAR RBWH – 3647 4627
RADAR TPCH – 3139 6896
RADAR Redcliffe – 3049 6868
RADAR Caboolture – 5316 5444

RADAR MN teams are available 08:00 AM – 04:30 PM

Seven days a week.

The embedded RADAR Rapid Response (RR) team is formally changing its name to the Older Persons Emergency Network (OPEN). This team will continue to provide ED substitution care by our multi-disciplinary team led by emergency and geriatric consultants, nurse practitioners, specialist nurses and pharmacists for residents of RACFs in the Metro North catchment. The service remains a QAS co-responder ED substitution service and will be expanding to include older adult community dwellers aged >65yo or >50yo First Nation persons. Please follow the link for OPEN referral criteria and operational information.

We are available 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM

7 days a week

Call 1300 072 327

Health pathways 

Access to Health Pathways is free for clinicians in Metro North Brisbane.

For login details email:

Login to Brisbane North Health Pathways:


  • RADAR RBWH – 3647 4627
  • RADAR TPCH – 3139 6896
  • RADAR Redcliffe – 3046 6868
  • RADAR Caboolture – 5316 5444


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