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Disclosure log

Documents of a non-personal nature released under the Right to Information Act 2009 will be progressively published on this page through our disclosure log. For historical disclosures prior to July 2012, please refer to Queensland Health’s disclosure logs.

Contact details for enquiries and copies of the documents listed:

Postal address:
Information Access Unit, RBWH
Butterfield Street
Phone: (07) 3646 7423
Email: Metro_North_HHS_RTI-IP@health.qld.gov.au

Application numberApplicantDecision datePages disclosed in full or in partInformation requested
MNHHS RTI 19/013 Media31/10/20191 page - full releaseMetro North Hospital and Health Service - documents, specifically reports, audits receipts, invoice regarding the revenue raised from soft drink 1 sales in MN HHS facilities for the past two finanacial years.
RTI MNHHS 17/019Media28/08/201730 pages - 2 full and 28 in partPatients using weapons or items as weapons to attack or assault hospital staff
MNHHS RTI C48-1920Member of Parliament26/09/201927 pages – full release Names of patients and staff were agreed with the applicant to be out of scope for release.All correspondence / communications concerning injuries / risk of injury (including minor injuries) to medical staff and guards at the Mental Health Facility at the Caboolture Hospital. Include occurrences of assault during the period. Date range 1 January 2019 to 5 August 2019.
MNHHS RTI 18/013Media25/10/20182 pages - part releaseDocuments only detailing closed investigations of unauthorised access of health records at the RBWH, TPCH, Caboolture and Redcliffe Hospitals
Documents only identitying number of investigations under review, but not yet finalised
Date range: 1 January 2017 – to the date of this application (03/09/2018)
RTI MNHHS 16/019Media25/01/20174 pages - 2 in full and 2 in partBody worn camera footage of incidents that have been referred to police for assault investigation.
MNHHS RTI 18/015Media21/11/20186 pages - full releaseMetro North Hospital and Health Service relating to dates of fines and revenue raised for vehicles illegally parked or parked too long on Queensland Health controlled parking areas at the RBWH, TPCH, Redcliffe and Caboolture Hospitals.
Date range: 1/07/2016 – 02/10/2018 (Financial years)"""
RTI MNHHS 17/021Media21/08/201710 pages - 1 in full and 9 in partDocuments relating to patients undergoing gender reassignment
RTI MNHHS 18/001Media20/02/2018No documents foundDocuments, specifically ministerial,/executive briefing notes and attachments, reports, audits, powerpoint presentation, internal correspondence relating to unexpected deaths of patients:
  • In the emergency department

  • In ambulances waiting to get into the emergency department and

  • Who are waiting for admission to hospital.

Date range: 01/01/2017 – 15/01/2018. Please limit searches to the Director-General and Deputy Director-General for the Department of Health, and CEOs for the HHS’s.
RTI MNHHS 16/014Media 20/02/20175 pages in part Emergency presentations to RBWH
RTI MNHHS 17/016Media19/07/20177 pages - 5 in full, 2 in partReports, photos, CCTV, body worn camera footage relating to robberies and assaults involving hospital staff or patients in hospital car parks
RTI MNHHS 17/018Media18/08/20172 pages in fullDocument relating to children (under 18) being treated for eating disorders and obesity
MNHHS RTI 18/009Media17/12/201827 pages - part release
9 pages - refused in full
4 items CCTV - pixilated
Metro North Hospital and Health Service - documents, specifically ministerial briefing notes and attachments, audits, reports, and related CCTV/body worn camera footage relating to:
1. Reported theft of patient belongings.
2. Reported theft of hospital equipment.
3. Deliberate damage to hospital property, including equipment and building structure (e.g. walls).
4. Cost associated with repairs of equipment which has been deliberately damaged

Date range: 1/01/2017– to the date of this application (09/07/2018)
RTI MNHHS 17/175Member of the public14/09/2017160 pages - 131 in full, 50 in part and 1 refusedPublic Health investigations into outbreak of Salmonella
MNHHS RTI 18/011Media09/11/201810 pages - full releaseDocuments/reports related to obesity, including items that are purchased (and cost) to deal/cope with obese patients/staff. Eg, Stretchers, beds, chairs.

Date range: 01/01/2017 – 13/08/2018
RTI MNHHS 17/030Media06/02/2018Application withdrawnDocuments, specifically ministerial briefing notes and attachments, reports, CCTV/video footage in relation to assaults in Queensland hospitals, since 1 January 2017. Date range: 1 January 2017 – 10 December 2017
MNHHS RTI 18/019Media04/12/20181 page - full releaseMNHHS Documents, specifically ministerial briefing notes and attachments, audits, reports and related CCTV/body worn camera relating to power outages at hospitals

Date range: 1/07/2018 – to the date of this application (05/11/2018)
RTI MNHHS 17/013Media11/08/20172017 20 pages in fullBabies discharged within 24 hrs of birth - Emergency re-admissions within 28 days of discharge
RTI MNHHS 16/021Member of the public08/03/20171 page in fullFunding/purchasing of the DRG coded services for transferred and/or referred patients from SCHHS to MNHHS (A11A, B02A, B02B, B03A, B04A, B07A, B61A, B66A, B66B, B78A, B78B, B78C, B79A, B79B, B80A, B80B)
RTI MNHHS 17/024NGO01/09/201729 pages in fullReview of Insight into workforce development of the alcohol and drug sector in Qld
MNHHS RTI 19/015 Media29/11/2019No documentsDocuments, specifically reports, ministerial/executive briefing notes and attachments, internal correspondence since 1 August 2019, to the date of
this application relating to unexpected delays, i.e. the problems that PAH had with the sterilization process and patients were transferred to Metro North facilities for surgery.
MNHHS RTI 19/016 Media26/11/20193 pages - full releaseDocuments within Metro North Hospital and Health Service relating to
drugs/medicine wich have gone missing and/or believed to have been stolen from public hospitals including but not limited to:
a. The amount lost/stolen/unaccountable
b. The type of drug/medicines lost/stolen/unaccountable.
Time period: January 2019 - current date (date of the application).
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