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Innovation projects

Metro North Hospital and Health Service is committed to a culture of innovation.

We recognise that staff, and our health care partners, have great ideas to help improve outcomes for patients, through new processes, resources and partnerships.

In recognition of our need for innovation, MNHHS has committed $1 million to fund projects jointly created between MNHHS and its partner organisations (LINK) and $1.1 million to fund projects developed by staff within MNHHS (SEED).

LINK funding

LINK funding provides the opportunity to build partnerships and community engagement capability, deliver efficiencies and improve continuity and quality of care for patients.

SEED funding

The SEED program is accessible to inspirational and creative staff to find new and improved ways of delivering health services for the benefit of our patients. SEED funding is only available for Metro North Hospital and Health Service staff.

Submit your application

The 2018 application round is now closed

You have an idea. Now you need to fund it. So how do you apply and what is the process for selection?

LINK and SEED applications follow the same application process but there are a few fundamental differences between them:

SEED can only be submitted by MNHHS staff for MNHHS projects

LINK must have a partnership between MNHHS and an external partner.

Your questions answered:

Each year funding up to $2.1 million is available for LINK and SEED Innovations (i.e. LINK has $1 million and SEED has $1.1 million). You can apply for as little or as much as your project requires, however MNHHS aim to fund as many projects for both programmes as possible, so projects asking for a large portion of this funding may be asked to consider how they may minimise their request in order to proceed for consideration.

No you may only submit to an application for one form of funding.

  • Innovation
  • Improvements in service delivery, patient outcomes or healthcare provision
  • Sustainable and cost effective projects
  • Projects with genuine partnership (For LINK projects)
  • Capital works
  • Research projects where outcomes cannot be directly applied e.g. clinical trials
  • QH Projects or projects already funded by other means
  • Business as Usual

September 30th, 2018

Approximately 2 months to allow time for review of all applications.

Because applications go through 2 stages of review.

  • Executive Director/Sponsor endorsement
  • Chief Executive (LINK) and Executive Director Operations (SEED) review and selection for PITCH

The selection process should be completed and successful applicant notified by November each year.

All successful project should plan to commence in May of the following year, for e.g. 2018/19 Projects will commence May 2019.

Projects are for

  • 12 months or
  • 14 months if recurrent funding is likely to be required

All successful projects have an Executive Sponsor from the Operational Leadership Team. Their role is to advocate for projects to continue as Business as Usual or be developed further.

A few tips for applying

  • You have an idea but is it innovative? What is new about it?
  • What are the benefits of your project to MNHHS?
  • Have you done your homework? Who else might be doing this in the Health Service? Have you checked the relevant literature?
  • Try and include other people/services/facilities in your project, if that is relevant. Why struggle alone if others are interested in helping or solving the same problem.
  • Think your project through – who should be involved? What resources do you need? Have you got the capacity to undertake a project? Have you got your manager/department/Executive support? Will you be able to measure the outcomes of your project to show it has made a difference?
  • Properly cost your project – talk to your business manager. Use the costing template.
  • If you have an external partner then do the Vic Health Partnership Tool together to see if you are ready to make this partnership work
  • Do you need to engage consumers in your project? If you need more info then contact MNHHS consumer engagement
  • Do you have an IT component to your project – if so have a chat with MNHHS IT department (contact us) for advice. You may need to include these costs in your budget.

Contact us

Phone: (07) 3647 9719

Key dates

July 30th – Applications Open
September 30th  – Applications Close
Week of November 5th – Projects to Pitch informed
Week of November 19th – PITCH Panels
Week of December 3rd – Project applicants informed of outcomes
Week of December 10th – Announcement of funded projects
February – Launch of Projects

View application process