Advanced Life Support – Level 1

Our courses will provide you with the skills for managing the deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest including airway  management, basic life support, safe defibrillation and life threatening arrhythmias.

Level 1 courses are for those clinicians who want general competence in airway management and basic life support for a deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest.  Suitable if you normally are part of team rather than the lead.

Who is eligible for training?

Medical Officers, Nurses and Paramedics


ALS Level 1

Metro North Hospital and Health Service Staff ONLY: $250 (GST Incl)
All other participants: $500 (GST Incl)
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Thursday 19th August 2021

Time: TBC
Location: The Prince Charles Hospital

Contact us

Kate Finlayson, A/Course Coordinator
Medical Education Unit
The Prince Charles Hospital