Advanced Life Support – Level 1 – Course Full

Our courses will provide you with the skills for managing the deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest including airway  management, basic life support, safe defibrillation and life threatening arrhythmias.

Level 1 courses are for those clinicians who want general competence in airway management and basic life support for a deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest.  Suitable if you normally are part of team rather than the lead.

Who is eligible for training?

Medical Officers, Nurses and Paramedics


ALS Level 1

Metro North Hospital and Health Service Staff ONLY: $250 (GST Incl)
All other participants: $500 (GST Incl)
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Thursday 20th August 2021

Time: TBC
Location: The Prince Charles Hospital

Contact us

Kate Finlayson, A/Course Coordinator
Medical Education Unit
The Prince Charles Hospital