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Engage in an activity

Metro North Health has networks of consumers who have a recent lived experience in accessing care. Join our network if you are passionate about creating change and improving services.

How do I join?

Join our community by completing this form and we will connect as opportunities become available.

What consumers say about partnering with us

“It is very valuable. You learn a lot, are listened to, and have a chance to see real improvements put in place. It gives you a way to be a community voice for people who otherwise wouldn’t be heard.”

“There was a lot of open communication and I, as a consumer was kept informed about decisions at every stage of the process and was treated as a valuable and equal member of the team.”

“Everyone involved is respectful and can bring a different perspective to every activity. There are no right or wrong answers – and it’s really interesting to hear from all the different consumers – there is a wealth of knowledge and information that comes from the participants in the room.”

These responses were recorded anonymously as part of the 2023 Annual Consumer Check-in Survey conducted by Metro North Engagement.

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