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Engage in an activity

Metro North is committed to providing compassionate and high quality health care. This vision can only be realised by partnering with consumers and the community to ensure we provide the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

Who is a consumer?

We are all consumers. A consumer includes people who access or may need access to Metro North services including patients, carers, families, clients and community members.

Partner with us

Metro North has a network of consumer partners who help us design and deliver better hospital services. We encourage passionate people with recent experiences in using our services to register and get involved. Your unique experiences help us to

  • design care
  • plan services
  • develop and implement health programs
  • undertake service measurement and evaluation

Who can join?

Metro North Connect is for members of the public who use, or have an interest in, our services. Staff of Metro North Hospital and Health Service (HHS), elected officials (Local, State, Federal) and lobbyists are not eligible to join, however, these groups can email metronorthengage@health.qld.gov.au for other options to engage with us.

How do I join?

Join our community by completing our form and we will connect as opportunities become available. You may also like to keep up to date with Metro North news by subscribing to our community newsletter.

Connecting for Health

Connecting for Health is our three-year action plan to involve, include and engage with consumers and communities.