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Our timeline

The Metro North Health Equity Strategy will be co-designed and co-developed by April 2022.

Our Co-design Journey

The co-design journey to creating the Metro North Health Equity Strategy 2022-2025 was facilitated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners, Elders, staff and community, and partnership organisations including Brisbane North PHN, The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations.

Phase 1
December 2021

This phase will focus on consultation with our stakeholders to:

  • Agreement with prescribed stakeholders on an approach for co-design.
  • Using the agreed approach to understand current services; issues, challenges and service gaps; and proposed solutions for the identified key performance measures.
  • Seeking interest from stakeholders that wish to stay on the journey of developing and implementing the Strategy beyond their position requirements.
  • Host a workshop with Elders, community stakeholders, staff and partnership organisations on December 8, 2021.

At the end of this phase, a draft set of actions will be developed.

Phase 2
Jan - Feb 2022

This phase will focus on consulting with our services to confirm the actions and identify any gaps.  Services will identify their leadership teams to be involved in this process.  Stakeholders who have expressed interest to stay on the journey from phase 1 will be included in this process.

There are 7 Working Groups that will be created to match each Key Priority Area as well as a patient experience working group and a South East Queensland working group to assist in creating a draft set of actions.

At the end of this phase, a draft Strategy will be developed and endorsed by the project steering committee for broad consultation.

Phase 3
Mar - Apr 2022

Broad consultation on the draft Strategy will be undertaken. This will be via an online survey in Consultation Hub with all stakeholders who have been invited to participate in the process.

Phase 4
April 30 2022

Finalisation and formal endorsement of Metro North Health Equity Strategy

Phase 5
May – June 2022

Development of Health Equity Implementation plan for Metro North Health.

Formal launch of Metro North Health Equity plan.

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“Health Equity means Opportunity and Change.”

Wayne AhBoo, Moreton ATSICHS

“The voices, lived experiences, and cultural authority of our people are integral to the co-design, co-ownership and co-implementation of our Health Equity Strategy.”

Sherry Holzapfel - Executive Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

“If we be too sensitive, we won’t fix anything.”

Uncle Charles Passi

“You have the full commitment from the Board and Metro North Leadership to co-design with Elders, community, and partners to make our hospital and health services accessible, free from racism and discrimination, culturally safe and responsive.”

Jim McGowan - Board Chair, Metro North Health

“Still keep fighting.”

Aunty Brenda Kanofski

“You have to understand the patient journey. You have to understand health starts at home.”

Cleveland Fagan - Chief Executive, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council
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