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Other Services

Consultation Liaison Services

For inpatient wards of Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hopsital, The Prince Charles Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital and Caboolture Hospital Clinical Nurse Consultants are available for patients with alcohol and drug use problems complicating physical and/or mental health admissions.

For Brisbane City Watch House, a Clinical Nurse Consultant assists the Queensland Police Service in the management of people in custody who have been identified to have alcohol or other drug issues.

Diversion Services

Court Link (with dedicated AOD Treatment)

Court Link is program co-ordinated by Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) and is a voluntary short-term bail-based program which aims to address factors underlying offending behaviour by providing referrals to support services and case management. The Court Link program offered at both Redcliffe and Caboolture Magistrate Court is enhanced by providing a direct referral pathway into dedicated specialist alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment through a partnership with Alcohol and Drug Service.

Police and Court Drug Diversion

Police and Court Drug Diversion sessions offer assessment and early intervention strategies for people aged 12 and over who have been referred through police or courts due to being apprehended with a small amount of illicit drugs in their possession. The aim of the session is to assess current and past substance misuse, identify areas of concern and provide education and information on the harms and risks of illicit drug use.

Changing your Police and Court Drug Diversion appointment

Police and Court Drug Diversion appointments are made and coordinated by an independent organization. Staff of the Alcohol and Drug Service do not have the ability to make changes to your appointment date or time.

If you arrived late, on the wrong day/time or missed your appointment, the steps you need to make depend on the type of diversion your received:

Police Diversion
If your Diversion was scheduled by the Police, you need to:

  1. Contact/phone the ‘Arresting Officer’ (the police officer who you initially had contact with). If you can’t remember who that was, just call the Police station you dealt with.
  2. Ask if it is possible to discuss your diversion appointment and your reason why.

Court Diversion
If your diversion was provided via the courts, you need to:

  1. Call the court on (07) 3738 7100
  2. Ask for the ‘Court Diversion Officer’
  3. Ask if it is possible to discuss your diversion appointment.

Contact us

1800 177 833 

Call Adis 24/7 Alcohol and Drug Support for 24-hour, 7 day a week confidential support for people in Queensland with alcohol and other drug concerns, their families and health professionals.

Refer a patient

Are you another Health Professional?

Please call Adis 1800 177 833 to discuss the needs of your patient. Adis will provide information on the most suitable service for you to refer to.

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